Protection against computer viruses — Recommendations and safety precautions

By | 27.04.2016

How to protect yourself from computer viruses

Precautions to protect your computer against viruses
To protect your computer from computer viruses, is sufficient to comply with simple rules. Follow these recommendations here, you will at times reduce the risk of catching a computer virus and infect their own and someone else’s computer.

How to treat viruses we will discuss later, and now give a list of those same rules.

1. First of all, of course you need to use a good antivirus. It is not necessary to use a little common anti-virus solutions, as their efficiency is usually much lower than the well-known antivirus. I recommend a very high-quality and at the same time free antivirus software AVAST . None of the antivirus does not protect your computer from viruses completely, but will reduce the risk of infection many times.

2. Do not connect your USB flash drive or hard disk drive to an unverified computer. When connecting the USB drive to the infected computer, the virus infects files that are on it. Then, when you insert it into your PC or laptop, the virus infects the operating system. Most often the first point of these rules does not allow the virus to infect a computer with a USB drive, but not always.

If your flash drive has a write-protect switch ( Lock is) , then before you connect it to an unfamiliar computer, the flash drive is blocked from entry.

3. E-mail is also through the dissemination of computer viruses. Do not even open advertising and junk emails (spam) e-mail. Moreover, it is impossible to move on from this letter open links or attachments. It is better to delete spam without opening.

4. In recent years, a major source of computer viruses is the Internet. With the proliferation of so-called virus-extortionists, which disables the computer or WIndows , increasingly cracked visited sites with little protection and are infected with viruses without the knowledge of the site owner. In this current a few years ago tend not to travel on the Internet at questionable sites not currently protected for sure. Be sure to visit the questionable sites, especially porn, it is extremely dangerous, as most of the infection on the Internet is still accumulates on them. But on a seemingly harmless sites today, you can catch a virus or vinloker.

The most common viruses are hiding under the guise of «freebies». Free movies, movies online, cracked programs, reports, essays, answers to examinations, etc., as well as tests, allegedly closed the database (at the addresses, numbers of cars, surnames, the FSB and the Interior Ministry database, etc.) These sites are often designed for «amateurs freebies» or students. To protect against viruses do not visit sites, and do not go by advertisements of these topics.

Do not attempt to update any programs that scan your computer for errors and viruses and so on, clicking in the window that appears on the relevant button on your browser.

Do not click on such «Update» button, the «Scan» etc.

5. Do not click on links from social networks such as Odklassniki or VKontakte, leading to their limits, that is, to other sites. You do not need to trust a strange message from friends in social networks, such as offering to see the photo on the third-party site or vote for anything. Your friend’s account may be compromised, and the message is sent with a link robot.

6. Do not click on different widgets on sites that resemble popular sots.setey messages and messengers (ICQ, mail-agent, Skype, etc.), calling to meet you, have a good time, view photos, lose weight, etc. In addition a variety of pop-under (pop-up ads) often leads to questionable sites. If it happens so that you accidentally poked at this link, close the tab to open the site immediately. It is advisable to do this before the site will have time to boot.

7. Use a proven Internet portals, such as Yandex, Mile, Google, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, facebook, etc. At major portals usually carefully monitor the safety of visitors and there infect a computer virus is almost impossible if you do not go outside the portal to other websites.

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