Earnings on the Internet: Myth or Reality

By | 07.04.2016

If we are talking about how much real money on the network, first of all, it is necessary to understand what we mean by income. For some, the burn-in is set to a few thousand per month, but some do not, and a million of money.

In the post-crisis online, however, as in other spheres, evaporated huge profits that were before the crisis. That is not to spend ten minutes on the site, and then cut off his cabbage. Now, in order to get the money necessary to work.

Methods of earnings in the network have not changed. You can open an online store, you can create an advertising platform, you can sell links from your own site. Still working affiliate program and referral programs, and even the ability to watch ads, or go to the website for the money.

However, there is one but. Revenues for the beginner from any source will be minuscule and hardly compensate for the time spent. Now a network of professionals who know how much good and fast to write, photograph, film original video programming. That is to do something really interesting.

And while the jackpot frustrating one. So if you’re waiting for light and fast money, then the Internet, you will not find them.

The main thing that makes the Internet is freedom. That is, you have to work, but you can do it whenever and wherever you want. And this is — expensive. Children who have not abandoned their parents the opportunity to communicate with friends and family. But then again there is a BUT. Dissociate itself from unwanted communication work is unlikely to succeed. You can not explain to my mother and grandmother, why are you in the country and can not watering, weeding and so on, as many work at home and on yourself and do not work at all. That is, in this work, has its pluses and minuses, and you decide that outweigh the scales.

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