Replacing the motherboard without reinstalling Windows XP and Windows 7

By | 27.04.2016

Replacing the motherboard without reinstalling Windows

In most cases, after you replace the motherboard Windows becomes unbootable. When you download windows blue screen (BSOD) error with the STOP 0x0000007B . This is due to the change of ATA / SATA bus controller.

BSOD STOP 0x0000007B after replacement motherboard

The fact that Windows can not change your own controller driver while loading. As a result, when loading the operating system simply loses a hard disk and can not continue loading.

The question arises: how to make the replacement of the motherboard without reinstalling the Windows ? After reinstalling Windows is not difficult, but it will lose all programs and settings. And this is often unacceptable!

Ways to replace the motherboard without reinstalling the OS three. If you have Windows 7, skip to Option 3

Option 1 — the old motherboard working (Windows XP)

If the old motherboard may boot with Windows XP, it is necessary to replace the IDE controller drivers, and SATA to standard.

To do this in the device manager open the controller properties (the name depends on the motherboard model). On the driver press the button Update .

Replacing the motherboard without reinstalling - IDE controller

On the issue of connecting to the internet to search for the driver responsible No, not this time and click Next . In the next window, select Install from a list or specific location and click Next . The driver search settings window that appears, select Do not search. I will choose the driver to install and click Next .

In the resulting window, select from a list of standard dual channel PCI IDE controller and click Next .

Change IDE controller to the motherboard replacement

After driver installation is complete, click Finish and restart your computer.

After downloading the check in the Device Manager that is installed IDE controller standard driver and turn off the computer.

If the driver is not listed select the Standard IDE controller driver (for example, in the case of the SATA controller), you can simply remove the installed driver of the old motherboard controller. To do this in the Device Manager, right-click on the device and select the context menu Delete . After removing off the computer.

Now make a replacement motherboard with the new. Windows XP will boot without any problems. After that, it remains only to install the driver on a new motherboard to drive it!

Option 2 — loading with the old motherboard is not possible (Windows XP)

The second option is the replacement of the motherboard without reinstalling Windows XP longer than the first, and it should be used if the computer with the old motherboard does not start or can not be downloaded. We will need the Windows XP installation CD. If the drive is not present, you can download a disk image ( of WinXP Professional, the SP3 with an integrated package of drivers, hard disk controllers) here and burn it to a blank CD-R, for example, using DeepBurner 1.9 program (distribution can be downloaded free of charge here ).

To restore Windows XP after replacing the motherboard , do the following:

Install the new motherboard, and connect all the devices.

Start booting from the Windows XP installation disk. On the first installation screen (shown below), press the ENTER , to proceed with the installation of Windows XP.

Restoring Vindovz after changing motherboard

On the next screen press F8 to accept the license agreement.

After that the installation program will search for the installed operating system and lists them.

Restore Windows after replacing the motherboard

Select the operating system to restore and press the R . The further process is not much different from the usual installation Windows XP. The difference is that the installation program will not ask on which hard disk partition to install the operating system and will not offer to enter the computer name and user name. Be prepared to enter the license code for Windows XP and activate it after installation via the Internet.

After installation is complete, you must install all the drivers on the new motherboard. All programs, user files and operating system settings will remain the same.

Option 3 — Fix IDE controller driver in the registry (Windows 7)

In case of replacement of the motherboard without reinstalling Windows 7 is a bit more complicated. Previous version 2 is not rolled. Restore Windows 7 with an update from the installation disc also does not work, because you can run this function only from pre-loaded operating system.

But do not worry! We will help ERD Commander (swing image CD-ROM here , or make bootable USB flash drive the ERD Commander the USB ). With it, we will make adjustments to the registry of Windows 7 you need to download the new controller.

Let’s start! Boot to the burned disc or USB drive. In the boot menu select the version of ERD Commander 6.5 for Windows 7.

Selecting ERD Commander versions for download

To the question «Initialize a network connection in the background?» Answer no .

To the question «Reassign drive letters …» answer Yes .

Select a keyboard layout and click the button Next . Then select from a list of our operating system and click Next .

Selection of the operating system, which will be connected to the ERD Commander

If the previous download of Windows 7 failed to start search problemm download.

Search key problems in the boot of Windows 7

Click Cancel to not waste time, as a means of launching recovery in case of change of the motherboard will not help. To the question «Stop troubleshooting?» Answer Yes . Next message that does not fix the problem, do not panic and push the button Finish .

In the resulting window, select the item the Microsoft and the Diagnostics of Recovery Toolset .

Now run the Registry Editor.

The first thing you need to remove the registry key HKLM \ SYSTEM \ MountedDevices

Now we need to enable the launch of services that load the standard drivers controllers IDE and the SATA .

Open branch HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ services in the left pane of the Registry Editor. Now, we check the following sections in this thread: amdide , amdsata , amdxata , atapi , intelide , msahci , pciide . Parameter Start each must be equal 0h00000000 (0) . The value of Start = 0 — start the service at boot the Windows . If it is 0h00000003 (3) Double-click on the name of the parameter ( Etpu Start) and change the value to 0 (see Figure below) and click OK .

After the start will be set to 0 for all registry keys listed above, close the Registry Editor and restart your computer in normal mode. In most cases, this is sufficient for a successful boot of Windows 7 . Now you need to install the drivers on the new motherboard.

If you do not help

If Realized actions have not helped, and Windows 7 still does not load and an error the STOP 0x0000007b , then the necessary controller driver is not loaded. Let’s try to enable loading of all known operating system drivers.

For this set value Start at 0 in the following сервисах: adp94xx , adpahci , adpu320 , aic78xx , amdsbs , arc , arcsas , elxstor , HpSAMD , iaStorV , iirsp , LSI_FC , LSI_SAS , LSI_SAS2 , LSI_SCSI , megasas , MegaSR , nfrd960 , nvraid , nvstor , ql2300 , ql40xx , SiSRaid2 , SiSRaid4 , vhdmp , vsmraid , aliide , cmdide , nvraid , viaide .

Reboot your computer in normal mode. The OS will boot.

Download Windows XP also can be restored in a similar manner, but there is more and I will not describe in this article. Anyone interested can check out here .

That’s all. Good luck!

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