Yota router configuration — step by step guide

By | 10.12.2018

Yota router configuration — step by step instructions

The spread of mobile Internet started about three years ago. If master this technology and You have decided, then it’s time to get acquainted with the Yota.

The Yota is one of the most sought after and technologically advanced providers of the Russian Federation. The release of the company’s own mobile modems and routers was only a matter of time.

Their hardware is part of one of the most advanced subfamilies of the connection, LTE. In addition, the apparatus includes a cable for connection with PC or laptop, as well as instruction.

If when you first connect the router does not respond, do not worry and call to service center, maybe somewhere in the box is the battery that needs to be installed under cover. The router-the mobile and permanent connection to the mains is not required.

What is the network Yota LTE?

Today, mobile Internet is one of the most convenient and common ways to access the worldwide web. Due to the lack of reference to the place, the ranks of users every day replenished, and many already buy their own routers and modems that use similar connection. For example, a modem Yota.

Video: connect the modem YOTA as a 3G Wi Fi router HAME

When buying such a device, each new owner raises the question, regarding the settings and this issue is urgent, because it affects all future actions and communications on the Internet. So, where to start, how to start and what to pay attention, all this in order.

Yota company cares about its customers and that is why their products are moved to a new level of performance — LTE network. LTE means high speed connection, running at the reception as 178 Mbyte dram, and the impact, as 58 Mbyte dram per second, although the potential for a lot longer. At the General show, the possibility was raised to 172 and 326 MB/s, respectively.

In addition, the Yota router support 5 users simultaneously, as specified in the summary of characteristics. But really, what was tested, he is able to provide uninterrupted operation when connecting 6 user that is not so important, but nice for the owners of such equipment.

Working in this kind of network is very good for people who have, due to the nature of employment or communication, to share file data, and not text messages.

Such a connection will allow you to avoid spending time waiting.

Connecting the router to the PC

Connecting the router to the PC is possible in two ways.

Yota настройка роутера - пошаговая инструкция

The first involves the physical connection via the USB cord that comes with the device.

You followingt:

  1. to connect the router to the PC using the USB cable;
  2. if the autostart function is not active, you need to go to the router, both on physical media and then run the file AutoInstall.exe;
  3. if the active autorun feature, follow the instructions of the installer drivers.

The second option is possible when connected to a laptop or PC that has a wifi card, a «b» or «g» standard.

Yota настройка роутера - пошаговая инструкция

This will avoid unnecessary manipulations with wires and further cluttering the front panel of the system unit, for example. Most commonly used network name YOTARouterXXXXX, where «XXXXX» is the last digit of the IP address of the equipment.

Configuration using web management

Configure mobile router Yota through a web connection is possible if the computer has any available browser.


  1. you should run the browser in any convenient way for You. For example, start the Internet, then will open the browser that is installed by default.
  2. opening a browser window in the address bar, enter or This is the IP address of the router that is installed originally. In this case we used the IP address

    Yota настройка роутера - пошаговая инструкция

  3. in the window that appears you must enter a username and password. Is «admin» and «1234» respectively. They also installed initially.
  4. For configuration, You do not need to do anything. In addition, on the Management tab, You can change the values of login and password, if desired.

    Yota настройка роутера - пошаговая инструкция

After that, the window will open the main menu of the router, which will be located on the left. The tab list of a section located on the top panel. In addition, the main part will be located basic information about the device, which You can use when needed.

Configuring Wi-Fi

Configuring the router to operate in wireless network is done via a web interface or via the settings menu. In this section, we will consider configuring the router YOTA 4G via a web connection.

Configuring the router ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2. Read more.

So, setting up a wi-fi connection is quite simple and possible when you turn on the router and connect to it device. You can connect either physically or via a wireless network, more detailed information about it appears above in the appropriate section.

Now you should go to immediate work in your device settings.

In order to configure your wi-fi network you need:

  1. before us there are tabs at the top of the screen. Going to the tab «Wi-Fi», you can change the network name for easy identification in the future. You can hide the network name, in the same section;

    Yota настройка роутера - пошаговая инструкция

  2. in addition, you can set or remove the password;
  3. note the function «Sleep mode» which is disabled by default. Include it’s not worth it, otherwise, the router will periodically enter a state of waiting, which entails disconnecting the network. More details about all this can be found on the «Settings»tab;
  4. to implement the memorize settings by clicking «Save», but because they come only after a reboot of the router.

Yota настройка роутера - пошаговая инструкция

Work in the Yota network settings for the router

If the device You are connecting to a PC or laptop physically, that is, through the cord, You will be prompted to install drivers, as mentioned above.

Along with this, You will get the opportunity to configure the router via the web podkluchenie, and through his direct settings.

To do this:

  1. click on the router icon in the system tray with the left mouse button;

    Yota настройка роутера - пошаговая инструкция

  2. in the opened window, enter the data that You need. Here you can set automatic shutdown, enable/disable network name and password, if necessary.

Direct settings menu of the router is much more useful for the inexperienced user than a web connection. In the menu, everything is intuitive, working in it, You don’t have to worry about what enter wrong data and so on. More detailed setting is available only through the browser.

Further extension settings, add points about port forwarding and server settings, available only after the first connection to the Internet.

Along with this, having Internet connection, the router will automatically upgrade the firmware, which is very convenient for those who are not good at working with PC or not have the time and desire to do it.

Yota настройка роутера - пошаговая инструкция

Connecting the USB modem Yota 4G Internet

Access to the Internet through a router of Yota is fairly simple and, unlike many other devices, You do not have to commit a lot of unclear action. After the installation of the router will automatically update, the program samostoyatelno will update the firmware and install the drivers that You know from the information above, but will produce the connection to the Internet.

The first time it is better to connect the router directly to the computer (physically). Then he will be able to make all the necessary settings.

In addition, there are situations when it is necessary to install a fixed IP address.

Yota настройка роутера - пошаговая инструкция

In order to do this, you can either use an additional device:

  1. to connect the router to another device, if Your PC does not access the Internet using mobile IP;
  2. to connect;
  3. to configure IP router.

How it to make, more details see above.

Either adjust the settings of the router via a web connection. About how to do it, please read the relevant sections.

Routers Yota are a great choice for those who are accustomed to travel, who used to be always in touch with all your relatives and friends. In addition, the router should get more and those who like to get the most for what he pays.

By purchasing this device, You will get access to the Internet almost anywhere, and adjustment of the equipment will not complicate your life. In addition, do not have to worry about the relevance ON Your device, because it will do everything, when connecting to the network.

Routers Yota – choice for those who are always on the move and don’t want to spend time simply.

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