Wunderlist for Windows 8/8.1

By | 09.12.2018

Wunderlist for Windows 8/8.1

There are dozens of free and paid apps for doing to-do lists on all major mobile platforms. The so-called «ToDo» apps available in the app store for Windows 8/8.1, but almost all of those whom I had to use it, can’t offer the same level of quality as different mobile applications.

Fortunately, in Windows Store you can download Wunderlist. For those who haven’t tried, this is one of the most popular apps in this category on the mobile arena. Still this beautiful app was only available for Mac, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook and Android. With this release, users of Windows 8/8.1 got one of the best apps for record your ideas and tasks. Interestingly, along with the release of Windows 8/8.1 was released and the version for Windows Phone.

Let’s start with the fact that unlike most other ToDo managers for Windows, Wunderlist is an advanced functional and very elegant in appearance. If you already use Wunderlist on a mobile device (regardless of platform), the appearance of the Windows version 8/8.1 will seem very familiar.

One of the functions of Wunderlist, without which none of these applications can not be considered fully, is the possibility of synchronizing content with other devices in real time. For this, however, is required to pass a free registration process that can be performed directly inside the app.

Wunderlist для Windows 8/8.1Wunderlist для Windows 8/8.1Wunderlist для Windows 8/8.1Wunderlist для Windows 8/8.1

Another feature that I really like Wunderlist, allows you to change the background of the default interface. Currently, you can choose one of the twenty background images (thirty in Pro version). To use a custom image as the background, alas, not yet. To change the current background, you need to open the Charms bar of the app, and then choose «Background image».

Another great feature is that the user can add notes and comments to tasks in their lists. Feature is especially useful if you are going to make the list available to other users and want to leave them a review on how to work with this list.

For tasks lists, you can add subtasks, and set a deadline by which you must have performed the task. You can also enable reminders, which will inform about the need to accomplish the task. Free account, Wunderlist allows you to create up to 25 sub-tasks in to-do list.

During testing I noticed only one problem: sometimes not working live tile on the start screen. However, the app was released recently, and so with subsequent updates we will get not only fixes existing bugs, but also new features.

Overall, this is a fantastic app that includes all the necessary functions. By the way, buy the Pro subscription Wunderlist is not necessary, since the free version will be sufficient for most home users.


Developer: 6 Wunderkinder GmbH

Price: Free

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