Wubi: functionality and instructions for use

By | 10.12.2018

What is Wubi?

Wubi is a pretty ingenious way to install Ubuntu on a computer with Microsoft Windows. It does not have to Petersbutg hard disk partitions.

Ubuntu is installing itself directly into the Windows file system, linking all the files and folders that you normally see in the standard section into a single file – similar to how virtual machines work with their file systems.

Then Wubi installs Grub, under the name of Ubuntu in the boot menu of Windows and mount your virtual hard disk, to make it look as if you downloaded honestly installed version of Ubuntu.

Regular users won’t feel even the performance – everything will work on native speed; will slow down a little, except that the read/write virtual hard disk.

Instructions for installing Wubi

To install Wubi, boot to Windows and insert the Ubuntu disk c in the optical drive. If your drive is configured to auto start the drive setup application. exe, you will see the Ubuntu application window Menu. Otherwise, open the disk manually and run the application setup. exe yourself. Then select the option ‘Install inside Windows’ [Install inside Windows], and will be installing Wubi.

Wubi: функциональность и инструкция по использованию

The screen will display the options window. You will need to choose the disk to install Ubuntu (normally the Windows drive by default) and then specify the size of the installation [Installation Size], that is, the size of the virtual hard drive – it should be sufficient for all anticipated for the installation of applications and volumes of data.

You can still create a user account by default, and protect it with a password, and even specify the derivative of Ubuntu that is selected for installation, although the default version from the CD. Ready, click ‘Install’ – read Wubi files you need and create an initial installation on a hard disk. You will then need to restart the computer and choose Ubuntu in the boot menu of Windows and Grub.

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