Working in the program SketchBook Pro

By | 10.12.2018

Work in the program SketchBook Pro

Incredibly, in this age of computer technology, where they are used everywhere, there are still some areas of activity in which a person more confidence in their hands, rather than technology. I propose to consider a program that will greatly facilitate Your activities.

What is a SketchBook

Many already have heard about a very interesting modern and convenient drawing program Sketchbook. The title literally translates as a kind of sketchbook.

This program is useful for creative people. It is a kind of diary, allowing you to translate your ideas, experiences and imagination.

Работаем в программе SketchBook Pro

It is possible to create a lot, from comics to still life and portrait. Avid travelers use it regularly to record the most important and memorable moments of relaxation.

Without this tool can not do a professional and contemporary artists.

For architects and designers it’s also a useful tool used to:

  1. sketches of the premises;
  2. quick estimates;
  3. sketch;
  4. layout;
  5. a quick visualization of the finished project.

Program SketchBook

Functional drawing program that is understandable to the common user SketchBook.

Many may say that drawing on a computer is not easy – a lot of unnecessary mouse movements. But it is not! The program is designed in such a way that you can still paint with your fingers on the touch screen. This applies to version Autudesk Sketch Book Pro.

Работаем в программе SketchBook Pro

The program’s interface is simple, and those who have already figured out, is not difficult to work with high speed. Menu individually configurable, allowing access to basic functions, for example, the selection brush, or the job color.

An important bonus is the ability to create and keep necessary tools.


A number of innovations allows to combine the techniques of drawing on paper and computer graphics.

Thus, the features of this utility:

  1. you can draw with the mouse and fingers;
  2. designed interface to simplify the drawing using the touch screens;
  3. users can be people of different backgrounds and age groups;
  4. the ability to work with other graphic editors;
  5. simplified and professional tools;
  6. the development of the project;
  7. development of products in your own vision;
  8. review insert notes;
  9. sending messages.

Version AutoDesk Sketchbook Profori Pad, unlike others in the user’s guide has descriptions in Russian. But it does not make any problems.

Video: Sketchbook Pro 6


Will have a brief review of the functions and their use for drawing:


  1. Undo and Redo allow you to repeat any action within one session;
  2. Select — to highlight the area of rectangular shape;
  3. Lasso — you need to select a region of arbitrary shape.
  4. Crop — to crop image;
  5. Rotate /Zoom in/Zoom/Move the Canvas — zoom in/out, rotate, move canvas.

Working with layers:

  1. Add Text Layer – placement of text in a separate layer;
  2. Rotate/Move/ Scale Layer allows each layer to move in pattern.

Работаем в программе SketchBook Pro

In the next group are tools that help you draw:

  1. Ruler – helps when you draw lines, lines with the given parameters: length and angle;
  2. Ellipse — drawing ellipses with arbitrary parameters. Note that the Ruler and Ellipse somewhat similar to the drawing under the stencil. This is a big plus that there is no hand-shake, and the action is equally easy with a mouse and pen. The image is clear;
  3. SymmetryY and SymmetryX – make it possible to draw two elements symmetrical to each other. Vertically or horizontally at the same time. It is possible to use several at once that will bring Your experiments to the creation of intricate shapes.

The next group are tools for drawing graphical «primitives» of arbitrary size:

  1. line;
  2. oval;
  3. arbitrary line;
  4. rectangle.

Group of tools to call up additional panels:

  1. Layers – allows you to work with layers and the set of capabilities not inferior to the famous Adobe Photoshop. For example, to change the style of the image, merge layers, masterservice text layers, etc.;

    Работаем в программе SketchBook Pro

  2. Brush Palette panel contains five tabs with brushes, grouped by a particular attribute. At the top are the standard brushes that complement the fill tools, blur, erase. Several tabs contain custom brushes allows you to choose from the entire list, the one that is right for your operations;
  3. Editor Colors — a palette with a set of standard colors;
  4. Copic Library – using the range of instruments used by professionals all over the world.


This panel was created for graphic tablets and has incorporated many of the features from the standard toolbar and menu.

There are six of them:

  1. Interface Controls , his tools are used for the display of the program interface (hiding or incorporation of elements);
  2. Tools / Views – here is a collection of tools Rotate/Zoom/MoveCanvas, Ellipse, Ruler, Layers, SymmetryY, SymmetryX. Added tools Fitto View and Actua lSize and allow you to set the size of the image in accordance with the screen size or increase its size;
  3. Brushes – gives access to the brushes;
  4. Colors – helps you quickly to switch colours;
  5. Edit – a combination of tools: Lasso Select, Crop to Selection, Select, Rotate, Move,Scale Layer, Clear, Cut, Copy, Paste;
  6. Files – create (save) a document without going to the program menu.

The program menu

Out of all menus for simple user interest tab File and Image.

The Image tab allows you to perform image manipulation of the type of mirror reflection, rotation, color balance settings etc.

The File tab gives you the opportunity to not only save the thumbnail or hide it, but to do import files.

And still have the ability to submit your work via e-mail. You can select the format in which saved Your work (JPG, PNG, TIFF) and calculate the file size. It is important to remember that the layers will only be saved in TIFF format, in the other they are just combined.

Video: Drawing Sketchbook

How to draw in SketchBook

When you first start, you receive the brief manual for work in a foreign language.

The basis of the work:

  1. to start drawing, you just need to touch your finger to the screen to conduct its first line;
  2. tap with two fingers gives you the ability to scale the image;
  3. three – to display the toolbar.

All the created pictures are saved in gallery. It is possible to finish any of them when you want.

Features for working with files:

  1. copy;
  2. remove;
  3. move (if necessary, and upload them to social networks).

Работаем в программе SketchBook Pro

After leaving the gallery, you can start to create. Area for drawing has two sizes of 2048 x 1536 and 1024 x 768 pixels, respectively.

In this mode:

  1. on the left is a panel of frequently used brushes;
  2. on the right panel for quick color selection.

Touching three fingers on:

  1. horizontal – changes the brush size;
  2. vertical transparency.

Each user can arrange your workspace, from the dock, and ending the task required colors, so that every time not to look for them.

If You have a stylus, then call the toolbar by touching the circle on the bottom of the screen.

Attention! For those who are comfortable drawing, holding your wrist on the screen, there is the area where you don’t draw.

At the top is the main menu. As many editors here you can select a line style and activates a «mirror» mode, which is convenient to draw the face.

Работаем в программе SketchBook Pro

You can also perform any transformations of the image:

  1. reflect;
  2. to move;
  3. scale;
  4. to turn.

To insert a picture and text formatting fonts provided:

  1. changing size;
  2. color change;
  3. transparency;
  4. location.

For each brush you can configure the properties manually, making it unique.

In the option «Layers» you can select the properties for the finished picture:

  1. swap them;
  2. to adjust the transparency;
  3. to make invisible;
  4. disable the background layer.

    Работаем в программе SketchBook Pro

For processing photos:

  1. download a photo library;
  2. safely finish;
  3. make label on it.

Perhaps this is all basic operations that you need to start drawing. Go for it, You will succeed!

SketchBook is quite well thought out software. It has a clear interface, accessible to everyone. Functions are also simple, allowing you to understand even a child.

Recommended as a beginner artist and professional designer. Everyone will find something useful.

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