Windows will be able to distinguish between fingerprints

By | 10.12.2018

Windows will be able to distinguish fingerprints

As it became known, experts of the company Microsoft added in the update operating system version Windows 8 the ability to scan fingerprints.

As it turned out, this was reported by journalists portal The Verge, who, according to them, have received this information from representatives of the company Microsoft. Not to mention that previous versions of the operating systems could also support fingerprint scanning, but they needed third-party software.

So, now, the operating system from Microsoft will be able to check fingerprints, without the aid of any other programs and companies, thus significantly saving the time of users.

Windows сможет различать отпечатки пальцев

With this system, the owner of a Windows will be able to use this service and use it for its intended purpose, for example, when he needs to make an important purchase on the Internet, which is to spend a large sum, he can prove it with just one touch.

Journalists portal The Verge has transferred also words of the experts of the company Microsoft, which was advised in turn, the developers laptops, tablets and keyboards to integrate with their device scanners for fingerprints.

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