Windows Phone 8.1 will get file Manager in this month

By | 09.12.2018

Windows Phone 8.1 will get file Manager in this month

File Manager – this is one of those very important and still missing features, which Windows Phone users insist for a long time. Fortunately, the wait is long

Joe Belfiore, Vice President and Manager for Windows Phone, answered questions about the future of the platform on Reddit. Among the topics discussed was just the same file Manager, and Belfiore confirmed that developers are already working on this app, and it will be released by the end of may.

The attached screenshots are given to understand that users will be able to work with files that are stored in the internal and external memory. The Manager allow you to create folders, move files between them and perform a search.

Windows Phone 8.1 получит файловый менеджер в этом месяцеWindows Phone 8.1 получит файловый менеджер в этом месяце

Belfiore also mentioned that the virtual assistant Cortana can get the PC version. Moreover, he spoke about discussions held with the team Snapchat about creating their app for Windows Phone.

Answering questions about the absence of Google’s applications, Belfiore said it depends on the search giant, and as for the platform, it is ready to accept them. Speaking about existing applications such as Skype and Facebook, Belfiore said has developed new version, which is scheduled for June.

As you can see, Microsoft continues its efforts to make Windows Phone develop and grow. Thus, not far from the time when the platform will compete with the giants of Android and iOS.

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