Windows Mobile (Phone) will not be among the priorities of Microsoft in this year

By | 09.12.2018

Windows Mobile (Phone) will not be among the priorities of Microsoft in this year

Windows Mobile (Phone) не будет среди приоритетов Microsoft в этом году

Yesterday at the opening of the Build conference had a lot of news about Windows 10 and other products. During his speeches, Microsoft employees often mentioned Android and iOS, and the mobile version of Windows has not been told almost nothing. And this is no accident.

Head of Windows division Terry Myerson said in a private conversation with the editor of The Verge, Windows 10 for phones will remain largely unnoticed throughout the year, and the main efforts will be focused on the HoloLens, Xbox, personal computers and attract interest to Windows 10.

According to him, Microsoft is aware of the importance of smartphones and small form-factor, but recognizes that Windows mobile is not the best way to reach smartphone users. However, the company believes that the time when these devices will be the center of attention Microsoft must come.

We plan to do some interesting things with their smartphones. This year they will be an important part of our family, but will not be first in the list of our priorities.

This approach shows where the strengths of Microsoft dominance in the PC market. This does not mean that the company will completely abandon Windows Mobile (Phone). This year phones will be an important part of the product line of Microsoft, but the trick with them will shift to the other products and services.

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