Windows Hello can even distinguish between twins

By | 10.12.2018

Windows Hello can even distinguish between twins

Windows Hello может отличить даже близнецов

In Windows 10 Microsoft has spent enough extensive work on the improvement of existing and introduction of new technologies to ensure security. Including and Windows Hello.

According to the test the Australian website The Australian, the algorithm incorporated in this new method of authentication based on face recognition is truly amazing, reliable and able to detect even minimal anatomical differences between the twins.

To participate in the study, the authors invited the 6 pairs of twins. For all of them the procedure was the same – one twin has registered an account and went through the process of registration of a person, and the second tried to access it. None of the cases the twins managed to fool Windows Hello and log into the account of your brother or sister. Although one time the system failed and was not allowed of the account holder. For testing we used a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop equipped with Intel RealSense camera.

For completeness it should be noted that Windows Hello also supports authentication with other biometric sensors such as fingerprint scanners.

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