Windows 9 Preview could come this fall, and the final version will be free for users of Windows 7/8

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 9 Preview might come out this fall, and the final version will be free for users of Windows 7/8

Windows 9 Preview может выйти этой осенью, а финальная версия будет бесплатной для пользователей Windows 7/8

The release of the next operating system Windows 9, which is also known under the code name Threshold, is expected in spring 2015. However, in the new publication on ZDNet says that by the end of this year or in the autumn, to be more precise, Microsoft will release a preview version of Windows 9.

In Windows 8.1 Update the company has paid special attention to make Windows more convenient regardless of the type of device (desktop computer, laptop or tablet) on which it is used. Developing the next version of its operating system, Microsoft continues to make efforts to remedy the damage that the company itself caused its OS. Moreover, with Windows 9 Microsoft will again try to win over those who do not want to go with Windows 7.

Am according to ZDNet, the appearance and operating system will differ depending on the type of device. In other words, Windows 9 will automatically adapt to the type of device on which it is installed. If the platform detects the keyboard and mouse, by default, will load the classic desktop version of the operating system. All in all, Windows 9 will include three modes of operation: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

For example, in the mode for desktops and laptops with more focus on traditional applications, while in the mode for hybrid devices and tablets, will focus on modern user interface.

The company also prepares the new menu «start» (Mini Start Menu), the concept of which was demonstrated during the Build conference in April. But the final version will be more perfect and will be very well tuned. Within the menu users will be able to keep desktop programs and Windows Store apps, and for owners of traditional computers, Mini Start Menu is enabled by default.

Threshold will merge together the mobile platform Windows Phone and tablet ARM version of the operating system – Windows RT. Threshold Mobile will be deprived of a desktop environment and, according to the publication, will run on phones with ARM chips, as well as on tablets based on ARM and Intel Atom processors.

Perhaps the most noteworthy information that Windows 9 is supposedly going to be a free upgrade for current Windows 8 users, Windows 8.1 Update, and may for users of Windows 7 Service Pack 1. This is quite an unexpected news, as previously, Microsoft never offered free updates to new versions of the operating system. But this is obviously just another attempt to push Windows 7 users to migrate to a more modern OS.

Finally, before the launch of Windows 9 the software giant plans to release another update for Windows 8.1. It will not include many changes, as all changes the company prepares for the next version of the OS. However, it is possible that the update will bring minor changes to the user interface and adds system improvements. It is expected that Windows 8.1 Update 2 will be released on 12 August, the so-called «Tuesday patches».

: ZDNet

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