Windows 9: in build 9834 seen Storage Sense

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 9: in build 9834 seen Storage Sense

Leaked Windows 9 Technical Preview has enabled us to get a glimpse of the next version of Windows. However, if you very carefully consider every screenshot and every video, it is possible to detect changes, which we didn’t know until now. For example, the Windows 9 screenshots showed us the «start menu» and some other features of the operating system, but only after careful consideration, we saw the first evidence that Cortana will be part of the OS.

Now, under the gaze got a video where we demonstrate a new function of virtual desktops. It helped us to learn that Microsoft has already started to make changes to the «PC Settings» (aka «PC Settings») – a modern version of the control panel. As you can see in the screenshot from the video in the list of available settings there is a section «Storage Sense».

The users of Windows Phone 8.1 that name should be familiar. It is the application that allows you to manage memory on smartphones running the mobile operating system from Microsoft.

Windows 9: в сборке 9834 замечена функция Storage Sense

With it you can view what types of content (apps and games, videos, downloads, etc.) memory is full. In addition, Storage Sense also enables you to control external memory and specify where to install application and where to store photos, music, videos, and more. As the screenshot above suggests that Storage Sense is one of the new features of Windows 9.

It is also possible that Storage Sense is simply renamed the function «disk Size», which is in Windows 8.1 and which is very limited. However, instrumenting the following Windows all the features of Storage Sense makes sense, because today the market appears more and more cheap laptops and tablets for which this feature was just in time. Moreover, today there is no easy way to install apps from Windows Store are not on the system drive, and using Storage Sense Microsoft could change.

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