Windows 8: how to customize the start screen under

By | 09.12.2018

Customizable start screen in Windows 8

Of course, this operating system is, in a sense, a sensation. New, revolutionary, still not used to the PC interface and a bunch of new features, in addition to old… Way old… Where did they go and how now to work?

Windows 8: как настроить начальный экран под себя

Windows 8: basic navigation

As soon as you start the system, before you is the screen is very unusual for Windows. All apps and programs on it are laid out in the form of tiles, not icons, as usual. This interface is called Metro, and it is more familiar to those using touch screens. So if you have a tablet device, then you will definitely know what to do with such a screen. If not, just roll the mouse wheel forward and backward.

But that’s not all. If you want to return to a more usual desktop, just find the corresponding box in the menu or press Win.

You will see so dear and familiar desktop.

The «start» button in the new OS disappeared once and for all, and this initially introduces a bit of a stupor. However, if you set up your home screen properly, then all will be not so bad as you might think.

Initially unconfigured screen tiles are pretty chaotic and contain a lot of unnecessary and useless information. You hardly need the weather forecast in Delhi or the rating of the securities. However – if you need it, then you can leave it. We are talking about how to get rid of all unnecessary, and all the right, Vice versa – to make as more visible, so it’s not necessary to search long.

Windows 8: как настроить начальный экран под себя

First of all, look closely at the tiles, and if we decide that a square we don’t need we just click on it right click and choose «Unpin from start».

After we remove all the unnecessary, do the reverse operation. Namely: click on a free area of the screen, right-mouse or typed «Win+Z» and in the appeared menu select the item «All applications». After that, choose what we need, click on it with right button and attach to the start screen.

After that just press Win and see what we’ve got. Something else not quite what we would like? Then continue.

All tiles on the screen you can shuffle like a deck of cards. Just enough to catch the box with your cursor and drag it to where you feel comfortable. As soon as you hook the square on the screen appears a special separator, which allows you to layout all the tiles in groups. Thus, you can select for yourself on the screen several working groups that you will be quite easy and convenient to use. In order to run any application, you just need one light click in his box.

If you click on the box with the right button, you will be able to run the application as administrator, pin it to the taskbar, and generally do anything with him, until the removal.

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