Windows 8: advantages and disadvantages of system

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 8: advantages and disadvantages

Relatively new Windows 8 OS does not have an unambiguous assessment. If the previous operating systems from Microsoft are fully understood and have clear specifications from users, Windows 8 in such achievements can not boast. Almost in equal number as there are fans and opponents of this OS.

The Benefits Of Windows 8

  1. Speed. Manufacturers worked very hard over the speed of this OS. Windows 8 is more optimized compared to other versions of Windows. At the moment, this operating system is very fast and smooth of all.
  2. New interface. The Metro interface is started along with the system and helps to reveal the desktop. This technology was first applied in the OS for the computer. Metro on the operation resembles a smartphone screen, and allows access not only to applications but to the whole desktop.
  3. Security. For simplicity in this OS was designed and installed antivirus. This version of antivirus to cope with various problems, thus no need to install third-party antivirus program. The program protects the most vulnerable programs and files.
  4. Explorer. Was changed not completely, but only partially. Was improved navigation, more comfortable and functional has become the interface and design. Was made basic commands for working with files. Now from Windows Explorer you can copy, edit, call log and command line. Significant change is the ability to partially hide the menu, making it more functional and compact.
  5. Store. This functionality is very similar to Google Play which is used on smartphones. As for filling the store presents a huge variety of programs. Moreover, the presented application category partly paid or partly free, which is quite common on Google Play.
  6. Several programs at the same time. Windows 8 device allows you to simultaneously use two apps. Free simultaneous use of three and four programs that had previously been difficult.
  7. Gestures and keyboard shortcuts. This operating system allows you to easily operate the gadget using only gestures or different combinations of those or other keys.
  8. Touch screens. This operating system supports the management of gestures. Thus, there is a possibility of installing Windows 8 on a touch screen gadgets.

Windows 8: преимущества и недостатки системы

Disadvantages Of Windows 8

  1. The Metro Interface. This innovation was both the main advantage and main disadvantage. The Metro interface freed users from the «start menu» as such. Pretty uncomfortable became the new location of the function keys. Another disappointment became obvious additional label, which is in principle not necessary, but they take up space and clog up the applications list. No less significant drawback is the inability to disable Metro. This state of Affairs is due to the fact that Metro is an integral part of Windows 8 and cannot be disabled.
  2. Incompatibility. The incompatibility of some programs, drivers and games also is a significant disadvantage of the system. This problem is being resolve, because the incompatibility is a consequence of the fact that software companies do not always have time to tailor a particular program under a new OS.

Is it worth it to upgrade to Windows 8?

This decision fully depends on the user and his preferences in working with a PC. All of the above advantages and disadvantages are variable and inaccurate, for some, the cons may be nice innovations. Even the disadvantages of those in fact are not.

All the cons are only a OS update, and with great confidence we can say that in the next update they will turn into its advantages. And it will happen very soon!

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