Windows 8.1 ready for manufacturers

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 8.1 ready for manufacturers

Known insider Paul Thurrott announced on his Twitter that Windows 8.1 has reached the status «Ready to manufacture»» (RTM). This means that the operating system is ready for distribution and installation on computers from different manufacturers. For consumers it will be released on October 18. Final Assembly, incidentally, got the number 9600.16384.130821-1623.

According to internal Microsoft emails related to this event, quality indicators, new Windows along with Windows 7. In other words, Windows 8.1 is quite stable. On the other hand, it is not clear whether the final version of any new noticeable changes. Although, we can find out in the near future and possibly even this week, as Windows 8.1 RTM is sure to be «merged» into the network. Another relevant question is whether this build released to subscribers of MSDN and TechNet networks, as it was with all previous versions of Windows? There is a rumor that Microsoft will abandon this tradition.

As for Windows RT 8.1, it seems that in addition to second-generation Microsoft Surface tablet, Nokia is the only manufacturer which is going to release a device with this extreme unpopular version of Windows.

A public statement about the completion of Windows 8.1 reportedly will be made this week.


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