Windows 8.1: new features on the lock screen

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 8.1: new features on the lock screen

The lock screen in Windows 8 has replaced the simple login screen to the system, which is present in all previous versions of Windows. In prior version of Windows 8.1 lock screen has received several new options, which I’ll now tell you.

Access to the settings of the new functions of the screen can be accessed through the application «PC Settings», which, incidentally, also received major changes. In Windows 8, all options related to the lock screen, available in the «Personalization» section. In Windows 8.1 they moved into the category «PC and devices». When you get to this section, the first thing you will see is the ability to change the background of lock screen. New options are below.

Windows 8.1: новые возможности на экране блокировки


Activation by selecting «slideshow» will allow Windows in random order to show your image on the lock screen. By default the operating system will use images from the folder «Images», but no one bothers to add other folders with images – not only local, but also those that exist in your storage on SkyDrive. If any folder you need to remove it, simply select it in the list, and then click «Uninstall».

Windows 8.1: новые возможности на экране блокировки

Everything else, you can let Windows choose pictures for the slide show, and specify the time after which the screen should automatically turn off when playing a slideshow.

The users of tablets and laptops should know that the slide show on the lock screen will be launched only in case if your device is charging.

App on the lock screen

The function is similar in Windows 8 but in Windows 8.1 it allows you to connect to the lock screen app for alarms –you can use the official app from Microsoft or third-party from the Windows Store.

Windows 8.1: новые возможности на экране блокировки


Windows 8.1 allows you to run the camera directly from the lock screen – for this you need to drag it down, not up. If necessary, this feature can be enabled or disabled.

Windows 8.1: новые возможности на экране блокировки

Creating the Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft attempted to define every aspect of the operating system. Although the changes that the company added to the lock screen, can not be called significant, there is in them a certain value. In particular, the shortcut to start the camera and the ability to make Skype calls directly from the lock screen, making it as practical as lock screens on the popular mobile platforms.

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