Windows 8.1: new features in Internet Explorer 11

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 8.1: new features in Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft continues improving its web browser. In Windows 8.1, as you may already know, the software giant introduced Internet Explorer 11 – new version of the browser, which is not only significantly faster than its predecessor, but also better optimized for touch screens. The company managed to further reduce the load time of pages. Moreover, the browser is now more responsive and energy efficient. Microsoft redid the developer tools. The most significant changes, however, have affected the Modern version of the browser. Here are some of them today and we’ll talk.

Tabs in Internet Explorer 11

In Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1/RT you can open as many tabs as you want. But in fairness, it should be noted that in a recent article, Microsoft said that IE11 supports up to 100 open tabs, and allows you to very effectively manage all of them.

Most importantly, those tabs that have not been used for some time, will not consume system resources and battery power on your device. Google Chrome, for example, does not release system resources, even when the user long time not drawn to any of the open tabs.

Another useful feature in the latest version of IE is the ability to sync tabs between all your devices with Windows 8. For this, however, you must have the sync settings turned on and, in particular, the option «Web browser». All these settings are available in the application «PC Settings» under SkyDrive. So if you are not running sync tabs, this is the first place where you should start looking for a solution to the problem.

By the way, please note that the tabs and address bar are now combined and located at the bottom of the screen. In the tenth version of the browser tabs are on top.

Calling the panel with the tabs is done by clicking the right mouse button, or keyboard shortcut Win + Z on the keyboard. Users touch device, simply swipe up from the bottom edge. If you want the tabs and the address bar is not hiding from the screen, go to browser settings (press Win + I and select the «Options») and enable the option «Always show address bar and tabs».

Forecasting and supply

In the new version of the browser Microsoft has included a method of predicting your next step. For example, clicking on the address bar, the browser offers you the most viewed sites, you will probably want to go. A list of proposed sites is constantly changing. Based on the data taken from all your devices with Windows 8. This is one of the reasons why Microsoft is pushing so hard for users to make full use SkyDrive.

Another new feature called «Suggestions». As the name implies, it offers relevant sites, recommendations and searches, when you enter a few letters into the address bar.


Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1/RT includes a new favorites menu. To add any page to favorites, click on the button with the asterisk, which is located to the right of the address bar; then click on the button with a picture of the same stars, but with a plus sign, and choose a folder to save the page.

Windows 8.1: новые функции в Internet Explorer 11

Touch improvements

Modern latest version of Microsoft browser is more accurate and responsive than its predecessor. To handle these touch gestures like zoom, pan and «swipe», IE11 uses the GPU.

Tracking protection

Internet Explorer 11 has a new feature «tracking Protection» (not to be confused with a «Do Not Track», which is also known as «do Not track»). This is another way to protect your privacy by blocking web content from services that could track your actions.

Increased safety

IE11 is able to scan binary extensions (e.g. ActiveX) before downloading the page, thus protecting users from malicious code.

View download

«View downloads» – another addition, and its name speaks for itself. The function displays a list of all downloaded files, as well as several options for managing this list.

Additional features

In the new version of the browser there are several other features: new option to define the telephone numbers on the sites and the function «Flip Ahead» («Flip ahead»), which is now enabled by default. In addition, you can now side-by-side to open multiple Windows of IE11. To do this, click the right mouse button on the tab (or the link) and choose the option «Open a tab/link in new window». Finally, you can now assign home page using Modern version of IE.

Windows 8.1: новые функции в Internet Explorer 11

Support WebGL

WebGL is an open graphics standard for rendering 3D graphics in the browser. Internet Explorer now supports this standard.

HTML5 video without plug-ins

IE11 without problems handles HTML5 video with closed captions and supports streaming. And all this without any plugins.

The SPDY Protocol

As we already reported, Microsoft confirmed that the next version of IE will support SPDY Protocol created by Google to accelerate the speed of loading web sites up to 64%.

New developer tools

Maybe it doesn’t matter much for ordinary users, but web developers will appreciate it. Internet Explorer 11 now includes new developer tools. This tool is intended for debugging and developing websites. The tool has a new design, and now it is made in the style of Modern UI, but only available in the desktop version of IE11. Among its functions: the viewer of HTML and CSS (with IntelliSense), console, debugger, network tool analysis for the elements that slow down loading of the website; javascript, a tool for emulating a variety of sizes and screen resolutions and also other tools for testing sites. For more information about developer tools, Microsoft has published an article detailing all the new features, which I suggest you read.

Windows 8.1: новые функции в Internet Explorer 11

So in conclusion, I note that the software giant has confirmed that he has plans to release Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 users, but a release date the company will announce later.

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