Windows 8.1: boot to desktop and other functions in the menu «Navigation»

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 8.1: boot to desktop and other functions in the menu «Navigation»

In terms of overall design philosophy in Windows 8.1, nothing has changed, however, wanting to try out the latest version of the OS does in no way diminished due to the new features and enhancements that Microsoft added. In our review of Win 8.1 I mentioned that in addition to returning the start button, Windows 8.1 allows you to boot directly to the desktop. In this article we will talk about this feature and other options, discovered in a new tab «Navigation» in the dialog box of the «taskbar Properties».

Windows 8.1: загрузка на рабочий стол и другие функции в меню «Навигация»

Possible new section «Navigation» in Windows 8.1 is full of surprises, so I studied them all. Access to this section can be obtained in the following way: click the right mouse button on the taskbar, the context menu choose «Properties» and in the dialog box, click the tab «Navigation».

Disable or enable the upper-left and upper-right hot corners

Hot corners (hot corners) – one of the most frustrating features of Windows 8 for users of desktop computers and laptops. For those who for some reason have not had time to get acquainted with Windows 8, to clarify that when the mouse pointer enters the region of these angles, the screen automatically there the so called bar «Charms bar» or panel to switch between running applications, depending on what kind of corner is the upper right or upper left. Most often, these panels appear randomly, for example, when the user wants to close the window of the current program. Windows 8.1 addresses this shortcoming by allowing you to disable the top hot corners of the screen in Windows 8 this can also be done, but only by editing the registry or using third party apps.

The first two options on the Navigation tab allows you to enable or disable the upper-right corner (to invoke the Charms bar) and the upper left corner (to open the interface for switching between apps).

Command prompt instead of PowerShell in the menu «Power User» and Vice versa

If in Windows 8 you press the key combination Win + X or do a click with the right mouse button in the lower left corner of the screen, you will see a menu «Power User», which allows you to run command line. In Windows 8.1 command prompt in this menu no longer exists, but there is a tool PowerShell. Fortunately, Microsoft have provided the ability to return a command prompt. To do this, uncheck the third checkbox on the tab «Navigation» and press the «OK»button.

Windows 8.1: загрузка на рабочий стол и другие функции в меню «Навигация»

Download to desktop or start screen

Windows 8.1 allows you to select which workspaces should be opened after loading the OS – the desktop or the start screen. Many users hated Windows 8 just for the fact that immediately after the OS boot was opened on the initial screen, so third-party developers have released a number of tools that allow you to change it. Now Microsoft has integrated a similar feature directly into the OS.

You will find the aforementioned option in the section «start screen» tab «Navigation».

The desktop background on the start screen

The design of the start screen in Windows 8 is limited by the ability to install multiple color images, so users are forced to use third-party applications (e.g., Decor8) to decorate the start screen with their own images. In Windows 8.1, the current image of the desktop can be used as the start screen background. To do this, activate the option «Show the desktop background on the start screen».

Windows 8.1: загрузка на рабочий стол и другие функции в меню «Навигация»

It looks very nice and allows you to overcome the feeling that you switch between two radically differing from other environments.

The start screen on the main display

If your computer has multiple monitors, you can configure the OS so that when you press «start» on the primary monitor will always be open to home screen

Apps instead of start screen

Windows 8.1 has a special menu «Applications», which you can access by clicking the small arrow in the lower left corner of the start screen. If you want to default instead of the start screen you have opened this menu, activate the option «When switching to the start screen to automatically open the Apps view».

Windows 8.1: загрузка на рабочий стол и другие функции в меню «Навигация»

By default, the search in the menu «Applications» is only in your applications. If you want to search everywhere, select the penultimate option.

Finally, if you activate the last function, when you sort apps by category in menu «Applications» the first will be displayed the classical program.

Overall, Microsoft has done a wonderful job, eliminate the shortcomings of Windows 8, and significantly improved usability.

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