Windows 7 successfully «holds» the defense

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 7 keeps the defense

Time goes on, change operating systems of the Windows family. But thoughts wander for something fundamentally new. Too quickly began to change the version of the system and an inner content remains the same. At least so it is perceived externally. And users who previously were in a hurry to move to a new system today, have fallen either into apathy or learned to make practical conclusions.

Some seem to have decided to stay until the end on Windows XP, as it does not see the new systems benefits for their work. Many have moved to Windows 7 and will be the same «beech», dissatisfied with the speed of technological progress. What is so good Seven, that does not occur even thought about how to change it to W8? They say the whole thing in some Kabbalistic laws Microsoft who have good systems can be obtained only through one. These were XP and 7 and 8.0, 8.1 merged in an incomprehensible mess.

Other scared interface Eight. Generally speaking, Seven today is an almost perfect system. It requires a little more resources than XP, runs fast, has a strong genetic link with the old system. The one who figured out the XP goes to Seven without any hassle, just need to get used to a brighter interface. But he is the same! And no Aero user will not confuse.

Give now to people Metro, and you scare them to «hell». And change the kernel to incorporate the new technology in browsers, it is all useless. And Microsoft should know this myself: people are more important than external behavior of the system than the optimal parameters inside where they can not «feel».

What else is good in W7:

  • Well designed system of network connections, including wireless options.
  • The parental control feature.
  • Surprising, but still very stylish start button, which wanted to steal from mankind. It proves once again that the little things are important for all.
  • Wide range of supported devices. It would be nice if XP and W7 compatible and drivers, but so good.
  • Fast download.
  • Easy installation of Windows 7.
  • A good help system.
  • Games! All games are now asking for DirectX 10! But the 11th version in the stable version do not promise even in W8.1.

So Seven still have a long guest at the celebration of life, and the statistics confirms this. So, XP remains approximately 35% of the market, Seven – about 45-50% of the market, and Eights remain, with a stretch, a little more than 3-4%. Ie W8 popularity a bit higher than in Linux. Is called, came…

However, Microsoft have nothing to be sorry that its users in moving to the new system. In any case, they remain loyal to the Corporation, and that she will always find a way to force clients to move and make fast movements. Moreover, from the Corporation goes Bulmer, and, therefore, there will be big changes that will affect the policy of the operating system.

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