Windows 7 is installed on half of the personal computers in the world

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 7 is installed on half of the personal computers in the world

Statistics from Net Applications for the month of may shows a tendency to increase Windows 8.1 which, while not much, has passed the market share of its predecessor Windows 8. The combined data (Windows 8.1 + Windows 8) show an increase compared to the previous month by 0.40% (from 12.24 percent to 12.64%). Windows 8.1 managed to beat Windows 8 increasing its market share from 5.8% to 6.35 %. Parallel Windows 8 lost 0.07% (decreased from 6.36% to 6.29%).

The dominant position is still Windows 7 with a 50.6-percent share (an increase of 0.79% compared to the previous month). Likely, Windows 7 will continue to increase its share in the coming months in light of the expiration of support for Windows XP. This contributes to Microsoft itself. After the recent case with the Chinese government, the company has offered this version of the operating system as an alternative of Windows 8.1 for those users who do not intend to upgrade to the latest version of the software.

As for the other versions of Windows, Vista has a tiny share (2.90%), while Windows XP remains widespread in the market with a 25.27% share. Thus, the estimated decline in the share of Windows XP when support was less than expected (-1.02% from 26.29 percent to 25.27 percent).

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