Windows 7 got the first developer preview of Internet Explorer 11

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 7 got the first developer preview of Internet Explorer 11

Windows 7 получила первую предварительную версию Internet Explorer 11

Today, the IE team has released a preview version of IE11 for Windows 7. New version of the popular web browser has most of the features available in version browser for Windows 8.1: new developer tools, improved performance, faster loading pages, support for new web standards and technology WebGL, which supports rendering JPG images using the GPU.

Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview is also available for Windows Server 2008 R2. Keep in mind that this is a test build, so mistakes are inevitable.

As I mentioned above, the IE11 for Windows 7 includes most, but not all the new features that are available to users Windows 8.1. For example:

  • Microsoft did not include the ability to open up to 100 tabs.
  • The SPDY Protocol, which reduces the load time of web pages and their elements, is not supported in IE11 for Windows 7.

Microsoft also published a guide for Internet Explorer 11 Preview review of the functions and standards available to web developers when designing sites.

Support for new versions of Internet Explorer still very important, as according to official sources, approximately 700 million users still using Windows 7. However, this did not prevent the software giant to cut out some of the new features. Maybe that way Microsoft encourages users to switch to Windows 8.

The company has still not said when it will be available the final version of IE11 for Windows 7, but the final release of the browser included in Windows 8.1 RTM, which the producers will receive in late August.

Download 32 — bit and 64-bit versions of IE11 Developer Preview here.

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