Windows 10 will support the new interactive tiles

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 will support the new interactive tiles

On the occasion of BUILD 2015, Microsoft has published dozens of PowerPoint presentations, one of which contains two interface layout Windows 10 interactive tiles. Most likely, it’s just a concept, but the new operating system will actually support interactive tiles and the apparent confirmation of this comes again with the BUILD developer conference, where one of the many in-depth sessions, there was a slide show, which clearly stated that the development of interactive tiles on the start screen.

The new operating system will offer the opportunity to interact with the information contained in the tile without having to launch the associated application. For example, interactive tiles can allow for quick reply to emails and control music playback without opening the email client and multimedia player.

Windows 10 будет поддерживать новые интерактивные плитки

A project to create an interactive tiles is not entirely new, as evidenced by the official video from Microsoft Research published a year ago. New tiles are unlikely to repeat exactly shown in the video, but the basic concept shouldn’t change too much.

: Neowin

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