Windows 10 will be released in late July, says AMD

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 will be released in late July, says AMD

Windows 10 будет выпущена в конце июля, утверждает AMD

Recently, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 market premiere will take place in the summer, which certainly surprised many, since it was expected that the platform will debut in the fall. The company did not specify exactly when in the summer it will happen, but thanks to the Executive Director of AMD has become known for more specific time range.

During a recent conference of financial results for Lisa su indicated that Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 in late July. So the company will be able to cover a season of training students to return to schools and to provide a higher initial velocity distribution platform.

In turn, Intel plans to move its conference IDF at the end of August, which is expected to premiere processors with the Skylake microarchitecture, and then, probably shortly thereafter will be released the first portable computers with these chips and Windows 10.

More information about the plans of Microsoft, we learn at the end of the month at the BUILD conference.


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