Windows 10 will be crucial for Microsoft

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 will be crucial for Microsoft

Windows 10 будет иметь решающее значение для Microsoft

Despite millions of dollars of investment in the operating system is still less than 10% of computers are running Windows 8, and this in a world where tablets and phones work massively with the software Apple and Google.

In fact, one in five computers still running on Windows XP, which appeared 14 years ago, and most still use Windows 7. With Windows 10 Microsoft has to prove not only what users really need this operating system, but that the company itself has not lost its relevance.

Despite the advantages of the group, the users did not come to terms with the new interface, which appeared in August 2012 and has completely eliminated the «start»button.

The original idea for Microsoft may have been correct: with Windows 8 the company wanted to benefit from the growing number of touch screen devices, moving away from the traditional model of the desktop.

But it turned out that Windows 8 was ahead of its time, and most people are still looking for a traditional way to Excel, Word and browser – one of the most used programs in Windows. So in Windows 8, the desktop looked like a step back, he was completely separated from the rest of the system, and the first version on devices without a touchscreen, many seemed absolutely unbearable.

It cannot be denied that cars built specifically for Windows 8, was comfortable and elegant, but on ordinary desktop computers «eight» has triggered a wave of protests. The Windows 8.1 update offered improvements, but too little too late.

A toaster and a refrigerator in one

Today, Microsoft will hold a big event that will be concentrated on the consumer side of Windows 10 – for ordinary people who sit in social networks and print family photos. Moreover, for the first time, Microsoft will explain what the Windows 10 on phones and tablets.

For the company this event is extremely important, and again will give them the opportunity to make amends to customers.

Like Windows 7 rescued Windows Vista from a complete PR disaster, so Windows 10 needs to cope with the same task. It will be a single platform for all Microsoft products, from phones and tablets to desktop computers, and Xbox, with only one app store.

This differs from the strategy of Apple, which still prefers to make different software for computers and mobile devices. «You can merge a toaster and a refrigerator, but that would not be good to anyone», said Apple CEO Tim cook three years ago. Microsoft still don’t agree with it.

Less is more?

Meanwhile, more and more people are discovering that the iPad or smartphone is sufficient for their business. Thus, Microsoft is a multi-faceted challenge: they must prove that their tablets can do so much more and better than devices from competitors, and demonstrate that the PC is still the best way to do something, recognizing that this is not the only option. And all this when the world is moving steadily to a model with a very cheap or completely free software.

The first preview showed what Windows 10 looks like a good hybrid between old and new, which returns the «start menu» and promises to end the distinction between traditional desktop and modern touch interface.

But if you need just basic functionality for web surfing, Windows 10 is starting to look doubtful. As with Windows 8, «ten» offers much more than most consumers in a world where «less is more» is becoming more and more important.

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