Windows 10: what can tell Microsoft during the conference tomorrow

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10: what can tell Microsoft during tomorrow’s conference

Tomorrow Microsoft will present the latest changes in Windows 10 during a press conference, which bears very high expectations. After the debacle of Windows 8, Windows 10 needs to prove that it is a worthwhile upgrade, not only for Windows 8 users.x, but Windows 7.

The biggest problem facing Microsoft, is the need to prove that the new operating system is great for both regular users and businesses as it is a completely different customer base. On the one hand we have a consumer market that is already accustomed to rapid change and is moving towards the compact screens (mobile). And on the other hand we have companies who want to use business applications with familiar user interface to avoid the high costs of deployment and training.

Windows 10 Technical Preview was aimed at corporate clients, as new functions are available in it is primarily designed specifically for them: the new start menu, virtual desktops, and modern apps running side by side on the desktop. However, the January build of Windows 10 will focus on consumer features.

Below are the most important themes that we will hear tomorrow from Microsoft:


We have a lot of form factors and only one Windows 10, and it can easily become a problem for hybrid devices like the Lenovo Yoga and Surface Pro. They are devices that can operate as a traditional PC or tablet, and the operating system that is optimized for keyboard and mouse, threatens to lower the productivity when using the touch screen.

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10 Technical Preview, the company showed a new feature called Continuum, which dynamically converts the elements on the screen, thereby adapting the operating system for convenient operation with and without a keyboard and mouse.

Last fall we saw a video with the concept of the Continuum, but tomorrow, probably, we will see a working version of the function.


In early builds of Windows 10 we’ve only seen evidence that Microsoft plans to integrate Cortana in the upcoming operating system. However, the voice assistant may be part of the next build, that will be a powerful new feature of the operating system.

Internet Explorer (Spartan)

While we haven’t heard anything official, but Microsoft can show your new browser for Windows 10 codenamed Spartan.

The new web browser will be an integral part of the operating system like Internet Explorer, but instead it will be the app available for all versions of Windows 10, and will support extensions like Google Chrome and Firefox.


As a cloud solution from Microsoft will be more deeply integrated into Windows 10, the company should make the appropriate updates. In this regard, it is expected that Microsoft will talk about its plan to consolidate all three engines OneDrive sync one, what should happen at the end of this year.

Windows 10 on new devices

With the launch line of Surface tablets Microsoft has automatically become a direct competitor to its OEM partners, but that won’t stop PC manufacturers from creating new devices running Windows. Thus, during a press conference on January 21 we can see the new Windows 10 device.


According to Microsoft, the Xbox platform plays an important role in the strategy of Windows 10, and tomorrow the software maker will talk about the plans for rapprochement between Windows 10 and Xbox One. These plans are quite real, as the console from MS, in fact, is an ordinary Windows PC, optimized for gaming.

Windows 10 for phones

Windows Phone is not fired, and its market share remains very low, but the platform is not dead. So during tomorrow’s conference we will see some of the new features for mobile devices.

One of the key features is the possibility of even faster and easier to create so-called universal applications that can run on both platform versions – mobile and desktop. Moreover, the new version of Windows for mobile devices will be a combination of Windows Phone and Windows RT, so it will be not only smartphones, but also a compact tablet.

Other things that can tell Microsoft

In addition to the above, Microsoft can touch on a few topics regarding the future of the platform.

For example, while users have become accustomed to fast updates for all their devices, enterprises prefer to make changes and updates rolled out at a much slower pace, and Microsoft will have to explain how they are going to manage updates to Windows 10 for both segments of the market.

As mentioned above, Microsoft will demonstrate a new version of the operating system for mobile devices, which is designed for tablets. Thus, one of the questions which should be answered by the company, is the future of Windows RT and the ability to update the Surface and Surface 2 to Windows 10.

Although no one expects Microsoft will announce the cost, not to mention the date of the official release of Windows 10, but all hope that the company will announce the release date of the January build for the participants of the program Windows Insider. In addition, we hope to learn about plans for the release preview version of Windows for mobile devices.

If you are wondering what’s next for Windows 10, join us tomorrow at 8 PM Moscow time – will follow the event live.

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