Windows 10 Users are losing interest in Microsoft Edge

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10 users will lose interest in the Microsoft Edge

Пользователи Windows 10 теряют интерес к Microsoft Edge

Although the news that Microsoft is launching a completely new browser, was met with a share of some enthusiasm in recent months, the interest of users to Microsoft Edge fell slightly.

Browser officially debuted at the end of July in the composition of the desktop version of Windows 10. In November, the operating system received the first major update which brought a new Edge version with new features and increased performance. Unfortunately, for users these improvements were not enough.

According to technology publication Neowin, which cites statistics of the three analytical companies, in spite of all the innovations that the browser acquired after the November update, the proportion of users of Microsoft Edge shows a downward trend:

  • Net Applications: share Windows 10 users that use the Edge, fell from 39% in August to 31.2% in November;
  • StatCounter: a decline from 15.2% in August to 12.9% in November;
  • DAP: a decline from 24.6% in September to 22.4% in November.

The reality is that many people important extension support, and because the Edge of such a function yet, they prefer other browsers. It is likely that next year, when Edge finally allow you to install AdBlock and other extensions the popularity of the new browser will increase dramatically. It is also possible that this growth will be temporary.

And you? Already using Edge or waiting for future updates?

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