Windows 10: update Threshold 2 is scheduled for November

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10: update Threshold 2 is scheduled for November

Windows 10: обновление Threshold 2 запланировано на ноябрь

The first major upgrade to Windows 10 for computers, which until now was known under the code name Threshold 2 will be released in November and not October as previously thought. The news came on the website that refers to the words reliable and familiar with Microsoft plans. However, he argues that within the company the update is called Windows 10 Update for October or November Windows 10 Update.

Threshold 2 is not just a set of patches. The update will include a number of improvements and changes, some of which are already available to members of the insider program. Also with this update, the system should finally get a few of the expected functions, the development of which has already been confirmed by Microsoft: support for extensions in the Edge browser, a new universal Messaging (with Skype integration) and the ability to install Store apps on external media.

The next major update for «ten,» Redstone — would be greater than Threshold 2, WinBeta writes. It is expected that it will further expand the functionality of the operating system, both from the point of view of ordinary users and businesses. Release Redstone is expected in 2016.

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