Windows 10 TP build 100XX will be released in March along with the new Spartan browser

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10 TP build 100XX will be released in March along with the new browser Spartan

A new build of Windows 10 Technical Preview which we had hoped to in February, for some reason was delayed, but will be released in March. This version is the first public Assembly in the 100XX series and is expected to come with the first test version of the new browser, which eventually will replace Internet Explorer.

Technical Director of Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo confirmed today in an interview for The Verge that the company will supply a preliminary version Spartan the next build of Windows 10. and familiar with company’s plans told The Verge that this build will be released by the end of March, but probably much earlier.

Today during a press conference at the Mobile World Congress Microsoft revealed the Spartan on Windows 10 for phones. The mobile version is very similar to its desktop counterpart, so it is likely that the next preview build of Windows 10 for mobile devices will also include a new browser.

Most likely, participants of the Windows Insider program will get an Assembly number 10026, because it was running on the computer Kevin Gallo, which he used to demonstrate a number of applications.

Separately, Microsoft also plans to release a preliminary version of the new Office apps for the mobile version of Windows 10. In an interview for The Verge product Manager of Microsoft Office Julia white confirmed that these apps will be released in March.

: The Verge

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