Windows 10: the start menu is more convenient

By | 10.12.2018

Study Windows 10: the start menu more convenient

In Windows 10 the start menu has become a convenient novelty: it has shortcuts to programs, settings and folders. It all goes with the «tiles» — a novelty that appeared in the menu with the release of «tens».

The Failure Of Windows 8

The release of OS version 8 led to the fact that many people didn’t like it. This OS was not the «start» button, and therefore was at times inconvenient to work in the system. Therefore was released to Windows 10 — new version of the OS, where this button is returned to its rightful place.

«Start menu» — is that it gives users?

In this menu you find all the apps, settings — all the labels. In Windows 7 and Windows 10 the button is on the taskbar. It is very convenient, just press one button and see all the tools of the application.

The new «start» button: what’s the difference?

  • Account — a new, simple and convenient context menu.

Clicking on the icon «accounts», you can select the action: go out, lock your computer or change settings (such as password or profile picture).

  • The quick menu.

Clicking on the menu item «file Explorer» opens your frequently used folders, pinned shortcuts, and so on.

  • Applications can be pin to «start».

From the menu «All apps» easily switch to any program. But the main thing — the shortcut for this program to pin to the start menu, clicking on «Pin to start».

  • Tile.

The size of the tiles in the «Start» can be changed. Clicking on the context menu item «Change size», you can change the tiles (switch from large to small).

  • Virtual desktops.

In Windows 10 you can create more than one desktop. The so-called virtual desktops — this is an opportunity to conveniently organize their space. So, on one table you can place the program shortcuts on the second — only games. And so on.

  • The app store now contains music.

Music, movies, everything is now available in Windows 10. Not available for all regions, but it tells about the expansion of functionality. Now the Windows app store very similar to iTunes.

Windows 10 has changed significantly since the release of the eight. The biggest plus was the return of the «start» button, without which I literally could not live users. Now Windows has a lot of advantages, we can say it is the most perfect OS in the lineup.

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