Windows 10: the similarities and differences from the user point of view Windows 7

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10: the similarities and differences from the user point of view Windows 7

Windows 10: сходства и различия с точки зрения пользователя Windows 7

If you are a Windows user, it is hardly necessary to give here the statistics to convince you that today version 7 operating system is much more popular than pretty controversial Windows 8. The undisputed fact, that in many ways 8 and then 8.1 was a step in the right direction for Microsoft. At the same time, for most traditionally-minded users, especially in the segment of desktop PC, the changes that brought the new Windows, did not promise anything good.

Fortunately, with Windows 10 Microsoft has tried to draw the necessary lessons from your mobile desktop product. However, many users of older versions of Windows, are skeptical, and this is especially true for people who still rely on the popular Windows 7.

If you are among them and are wondering how and to what extent it will change your daily work with Windows if you go to Windows 10, today we will try to give you the answer. Below briefly describes some of the major differences between the two versions of the operating system from the point of view of the consumer.

Integration Microsoft account

Windows 10: сходства и различия с точки зрения пользователя Windows 7

When initially setting up the Windows 10 operating system will prompt you to log in using a unique password and user name – the so-called Microsoft account. This practice, which the company introduced with Windows 8, but if you missed this version of three years ago, for you it will be new. At the same time, if you’ve used a device based on iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you are probably already familiar with the principles that stand behind this kind of authorization we are talking about the global account, which stores all personal data. Because of this, for example, your unique user settings will be automatically synchronized between all Windows devices you own. In addition, with the Microsoft account you will have access to services such as OneDrive (for storing information on the Internet) and Windows Store (Microsoft app store).

However, those who is not a user account and wishes to register it, Windows 10 will allow the use of traditional local uchetku, as in Windows 7. At a later stage you can easily convert it into Microsoft account, if you change your mind.

New menu «start»

Windows 10: сходства и различия с точки зрения пользователя Windows 7

One of the biggest «spitting» in the direction of Windows 8 has been associated with the deletion of item operating system interface, which is present as an integral part thereof since the days of Windows 95.

In Windows 10, it returned in full splendor, with a number of improvements. Yes, at first glance it may seem that the new «start menu» is quite different of what you used to see in Windows 7. You will immediately notice that it contains the so-called «live tiles» (live tiles) – animated «icons», which became the emblem of Windows Phone and Windows 8 and their Metro interface/Modern. However, they are not trying to replace the functionality of the «start menu» and not integrated into it. That is, if you are not satisfied, you can completely remove them.

The main thing that has changed in «Start-up», so it is its appearance – the functionality, however, remained almost the same as in Windows 7: menu gives access to the list of all installed applications, as the ability to shut down and restart the computer. Added several small but useful features – for example, you can resize the menu by pulling the mouse cursor over one of its corners.

Windows Store and universal apps

Windows 10: сходства и различия с точки зрения пользователя Windows 7

Many of the preset programs that come with Windows 10, are representatives of the so-called universal apps (former Metro). Their first version with Windows 8, but was misunderstood by most users because of its inability to run in a «window», i.e. to use the principle of control, which is one of interface the most fundamental ideas underlying Windows idea, which the operating system owes its name.

In Windows 10, many returned to the old channel, and even universal apps run in windowed mode, so they are not much different from using software in Windows 7. The difference is that this variety of programs is available only through Windows Store, that is, they can not download and install the more traditional method. But Microsoft makes the right choice: if the user does not wish to use the generic application, it can download and install any desktop program that was used, with the most ordinary of ways – from the Internet or from external media. Of course, it is possible to freely combine work with both types of applications; they will run and work in good old Windows – just like in Windows 7.

«Settings» and «control Panel»

Windows 10: сходства и различия с точки зрения пользователя Windows 7

In Windows 10 access the system setup is organized differently than in the two previous versions of the operating system. Microsoft tried to merge PC Settings menu from Windows 8 and classic Control Panel, familiar to most users of Windows 7 and earlier versions.

At first, it can lead to some confusion, because you have to look for the system settings in two different menus. Many people testing the preview version of Windows 10, criticized this division, and if Microsoft will listen to them, probably in the final version of these menus will be redesigned, or simply merged into one.

Cortana on the taskbar

Windows 10: сходства и различия с точки зрения пользователя Windows 7

The task bar is in Windows 7 and Vista, and previous versions, but in Windows 8, the company removed it from the «start» button. Many users considered this inconvenient, so in Windows 8.1 this button is back. In Windows 10 it again, but the task bar has undergone some changes.

Directly next to the «Start» is a new field called «search the web and Windows». In practice, it is used to run Cortana – personal assistant/assistant, one of the main new features built into Windows 10. In addition to voice control (originally only in several languages), Cortana will allow you to effectively search and find information both locally (on the disk devices on the computer) and the Internet. The more often (and increasingly) you will use the assistant, the more useful it will become, as Cortana has the ability to self-learning, enabling it to meet the specific needs and desires of the user as possible.


Windows 10: сходства и различия с точки зрения пользователя Windows 7

After a long and somewhat controversial history Internet Explorer is going to retire. In Windows 10 as a default browser it will replace the Edge – a completely new application written from scratch. At the moment, Edge looks like a great alternative to IE. What’s more, it looks even better than its competitors such as Chrome and Firefox.

Of course, as in all versions of Windows, if you want to use another browser, you will have the opportunity.

Other improvements and differences

Windows 10: сходства и различия с точки зрения пользователя Windows 7

A number of useful things that brought Windows 8 will be present in Windows 10. «Task Manager», for example, will allow you to manage programs that start automatically with the operating system that many Windows 7 users are doing with third-party software. In the «Explorer» you will notice a Ribbon interface, as well as some very practical features: improved control over the process of copying and moving files, open the disk image (ISO) without the need to install additional tools and stuff.

Windows 10 also comes with integrated app to protect from malware – Windows Defender. All these things are the legacy of Windows 8. However, in contrast to Windows 10 is likely to be much better perceived long-standing users of Windows 7, both from the point of view of the organization of the user interface and the main functions of the system.

Windows 10 will have tablet mode, but it won’t be enabled by default – if you choose to use tablet mode on a normal PC, then you will have to enable it manually. So in this respect, the best news for hesitant users of Windows 7 is that the 10-ka, unlike Windows 8, will not interfere with the tablet management model and use, if you install it on a classic PC.

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