Windows 10: the mobile version will support devices with ARM and x86

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10: the mobile version will support devices with ARM and x86

The ability to run Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, hybrid devices and smartphones is one of the goals of Microsoft, which is confirmed by an official of AMI. However, details of achieving this goal is still unknown, in particular, it relates to adaptation of operating system to mobile devices.

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet is without a doubt, a very reputable news Microsoft has published some clarification on the version of Windows 10 for mobile devices.

She said that, according to her, following the event, Microsoft will hold 20 or January 21. There the company will disclose information that will offer a mobile version of Windows 10. This event will be held at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond.

According to Foley, it is unlikely that the trial version of Windows 10 for phones will be released immediately or shortly after the event, as Microsoft plans to proceed with further internal testing, and only then will «play» with it to testers outside the company. As soon as the phase of public testing, it is expected that users will receive the updates on a monthly basis.

Moreover, Foley has shared another piece of news that is perhaps even more important and interesting than the previous edition of Windows 10 for mobile devices will not only work on ARM devices such as smartphones and tablets but also on mobile devices with Intel x86. Does this mean that tablets and smartphones with Windows (Phone) 10 will be able to work with classic desktop applications? Or is it just a hint of what tablets and smartphones with Windows 10 will have the same interface? At the moment it remains a mystery and we can only wait.

Returning to the plane PC, the same reports that Microsoft has decided to abandon the use of «Consumer Preview» as the name for the new test version of Windows 10, which is expected in January. Instead, the company will call it the JTP (January Tech Preview). Similarly Microsoft will do with future versions – February Tech Preview, March Tech Preview and so on.

And, as we heard earlier, all the signs indicate that in the January Tech Preview will be included Cortana and Continuum mode, which provides easy and smooth transition between the touch interface and environment based on the desktop.

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