Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860 ready for download

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860 ready for download

To obtain the new update is very easy – just navigate to PC Settings > Update and Recovery > Preview Builds and click Check Now to detect the update and then click Download Now to begin downloading. After that, click install to install the update. The size of the updates ranges between 2GB and 2.74 GB, depending on the bitness of an installed operating system. During installation the system will reboot.

New build by no means small: it was made more than 7,000 changes from the previous release. Of course, most of them got their place «under the hood», but there are those that lie on the surface, including:

the notification center that Microsoft calls «Action Center». This is a new place where you can see all of your notifications and interact with them. However, Microsoft notes that in the current build of this feature is not fully enabled;

improvements for multi-monitor configurations. Now you can use the key combination Win + Shift + up arrow to move active apps to another monitor;

new animations when switching desktops. Thanks to feedback from users we have added a new effect, which gives to understand that you move from one desktop to another.

Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860 готова для загрузки

Still in the new build, users can select how frequently the system should check for new builds. I.e. in PC settings section of Update and Recovery > Preview Builds-you can now choose between Fast and Slow. Choosing the first option, the system will search for the new build more often, and when a new build will offer to install it. However, these «quick builds» would be more mistakes, so by default, enabled Slow.

If you are only going to install Windows 10 Technical Preview, don’t forget to register in the Windows Insider program to download the latest installation ISO image of the operating system.


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