Windows 10: rumors about changes in Consumer Preview

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10: rumors about changes in the Consumer Preview

Windows 10 is currently in development and may be tested by the users who join the Windows Insider program. At this early stage Microsoft was trying to integrate the main functions is intended for users in companies and enterprises, trying to convince them that the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 will be a seamless process.

However, the final Windows 10, of course, would be the operating system for everyone, including home users, which also will provide new opportunities.

Today, Neowin and WinBeta have given an overview of some of the proposed changes which are intended to be integrated into Windows 10 Consumer Preview and, of course, in the final version of the operating system. New features can be summarized as follows, but this information should be treated as an unconfirmed rumor:

  • live tiles can be placed directly on the desktop;
  • further changes to the start screen;
  • a complete version of the mode Continuum;
  • Cortana in the desktop environment;
  • Internet Explorer 12 with a simplified user interface.
  • changes in the notification center with optimizations for touch-based interaction;
  • an updated set of icons.

Not necessarily that it will all be added at once, but some of it we can see in the first months of 2015 (January-February, according to WinBeta, but this time frame previously mentioned Microsoft).

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