Windows 10 Mobile: Useful shortcuts in the Continuum regime

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 Mobile: Useful shortcuts in the mode Continuum

Windows 10 Mobile: Полезные сочетания клавиш в режиме Continuum

Among the new features in Windows 10 Mobile, the greatest interest is the so-called Continuum mode, which allows you to use the hardware and software of the smartphone on the big screen.

At the moment, the Continuum is not ready to turn a smartphone into a full-fledged replacement for your desktop PC, given the paltry number of apps that you can use in this mode. However, the function has excellent growth prospects and, therefore, in future devices with Windows 10 Mobile can really become a real pocket PC, especially when computing power of smartphones will become even wider.

For the effective management of work space, which is projected from a smartphone to an external display, Continuum provides the ability to connect a computer mouse and keyboard. And to work in this mode was more convenient and fast, Microsoft has ensured that the Continuum maintained and some basic keyboard shortcuts. They are all presented in the table below.

Keyboard combination


Windows Key

Open/Close start menu

Windows + A

To open notification Center

Windows + C

To open Cortana in listening mode

Windows + E

Open Windows Explorer

Windows + I

To Open The Settings

Windows + K

Open Windows search for wireless displays and audio devices

Windows + L

Lock your phone

Windows + O

Lock device orientation

Windows + P

To open the display settings

Windows + S

Open search (Cortana in the search mode)

Windows + U

To open ease of access Center

Windows + Tab

To open the task View

Windows + Backspace


Windows + spacebar

Switch input language and keyboard layout

Windows + Print Screen

To take a screenshot

Alt + Tab

Switching between open applications

These combinations taken from a list of keys that Windows 10 Mobile supports officially. Of course, other keys, though not everywhere. In particular, copy, paste and cut the classic combination of Ctrl + C-V-X is not supported by all applications. For example: in Windows Explorer, cut and paste files with those keys are currently not working.

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