Windows 10 Mobile for Xiaomi Mi4 will be released next week

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 Mobile for Xiaomi Mi4 will be released next week

Windows 10 Mobile для Xiaomi Mi4 будет выпущена на следующей неделеMicrosoft announced the imminent launch of a test firmware Windows 10 Mobile is intended for owners of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi4, which, as you probably know, uses the Android operating system. The news appeared on the official Chinese forum Xiaomi.

The firmware will not be available to the European and in General users are not from Beijing, since to participate in testing but need to fill out a questionnaire also, it seems, will need to visit the Microsoft headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region.

The cooperation between Microsoft and the community of Chinese users Xiaomi is not a sign of the beginning of a commercial partnership between the two companies. Vice-President Xiaomi Hugo Barra previously noted that his company is not interested in the support of Windows 10, and the draft that allows owners of Xiaomi Mi4 to install an operating system from Microsoft is nothing more than just an experiment.

The firmware was reported to be released early next week, 1 June.

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