Windows 10: Microsoft confirms its determination to remove the «control Panel»

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10: Microsoft confirms its determination to remove the «control Panel»

Windows 10: Microsoft подтверждает решимость удалить «Панель управления»

Rumors that Microsoft may completely remove the «control Panel» appeared even before the official announcement of Windows 10 in September last year. However, despite the fact that the classic options menu in the end was saved (albeit in a very truncated form) in the coming months, we will have to say goodbye to him.

«Ten» contains a new section of options, which coexists with the «control Panel». The appearance of the first corresponds to the interface style Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile, while the second is bound to the user interface of previous versions of Windows. The problem is that the menu is causing the duplication of certain tools. Moreover, the new «Settings» contains not all possible «control Panel» and Vice versa, so to use one thing does not work even at all desire.

In order to simplify and to avoid unnecessary duplication all the elements of the «control Panel» will be integrated into the new settings menu. This is confirmed by Brandon LeBlanc, senior program Manager at Microsoft, which in response to the user’s question said that the menu «Settings» will gradually replace the «control Panel» as long as the latter does not disappear completely.

In turn, Gabe Ol, answering the question, why not just do the standard Settings for touch devices, and Control Panel for normal computers, explained that the existence of both complicates the code and impact on the resources of the computer.

In short, for many it will be a great loss, but the days of «control Panel» are numbered.

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