Windows 10: keyboard shortcuts that you should know

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10: keyboard shortcuts that you should know

Microsoft operating systems have always supported an infinite number of keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation in the interface, which aim to reduce the number of mouse clicks and, most importantly, to raise our productivity. So why not take advantage of the new release of the OS to refresh the memory and learn new keyboard shortcuts that you can take full advantage of the features in Windows 10?

Some combinations have already been introduced in Windows 7 and 8.1, but in the «top ten» they have evolved and now operate a little differently, became really indispensable. Let’s look at them.

WIN + Tab: task View (Task View)

Windows 10: сочетания клавиш, которые вы должны знать

We will start with a combination that was already in previous versions, but now is more useful. The combination WIN + Tab actually appeared in Windows Vista, where it served to call the three-dimensional system flip open Windows.

In Windows 8 these keys were used to quickly switch between Metro apps in the left column of the screen. The disadvantage of this solution was the complete disregard for the desktop application, but because this key combination has lost practical significance for PC users. Although in 8-ke has maintained and Alt + Tab, which allows you to switch between the two types of applications.

With Windows 10 Microsoft has revised the purpose of WIN + Tab, making them a «window» in the new interface (Task View) switching between running apps, and both desktop and those that are installed from the Store. In addition to fast switching and closing Windows, Task View allows you to create new desktops and move Windows between them, and even see which Windows are open on each of desktops. Equally important, there is no need to hold keys in Windows 8 or Windows 7 to remain inside the window switch.

WIN + A: notification Center (or action Center)

Windows 10: сочетания клавиш, которые вы должны знать

Here is another useful, but totally new combination. Pressing the WIN + A opens the notification Center in the right part of the screen. This is a new interface that stores all received notifications (on mobile devices) and allows you to interact with them.

It also provides quick access to system settings and wireless connections, allows you to enable quiet mode (no notifications don’t bother you) and the power saving mode; there is even a link to create a new note in OneNote.

WIN + Q and WIN + S: cortana

Microsoft is positioning Cortana as one of the most innovative features of Windows 10 and, therefore, it is logical that it was reserved for a private key combination. However, actually two of them:

  • WIN + Q: Shows the Cortana interface for entering text-based queries. The equivalent of clicking on the Cortana icon or the search box on the taskbar (similar to the function of the combination of WIN + S).
  • WIN + S: Activate voice interaction. After pressing these keys cortana begins to listen and follow the voice instructions of the user (works when turned on supported regional settings).

WIN + left / right + up / down: grouping Windows on your desktop

Windows 10: сочетания клавиш, которые вы должны знать

The ability to attach the window to the left or right half of the screen is present since Windows 7, but in Windows 10, a function has been redesigned and better than ever. We can now divide the screen into four areas, one for each corner, allowing each window to use only 1/4 of the screen (very handy on large monitors).

This can be achieved either with the mouse by dragging the window to the corner, and with a keyboard shortcut. Using different combinations of arrows, you can achieve positioning of the window in the corresponding section of the screen: WIN + left / right , then pressing the arrow up / down (hold down the WIN).

Chrome when you attach the window and release the key WIN, the system will automatically suggest other open application or window to fill the free space on the screen.

WIN + Ctrl: Managing desktops

Windows 10: сочетания клавиш, которые вы должны знать

Another important innovation of Windows 10 is the ability to organize Windows in virtual workspaces. You can manage them from the Task View (WIN + Tab), as described above, but Microsoft has provided separate hot keys to directly manage desktops:

  • WIN + Ctrl + D: Create a new desktop.
  • WIN + Ctrl + Arrow left / right: allows you to quickly navigate between desktops. While on desktop 1, press WIN + Ctrl + right arrow to move to desktop 2 and Vice versa.
  • WIN + Ctrl + F4: Closes current desktop and moves on it the app on the previous desktop (for example, closing the desktop 3, the window will move to screen 2).

WIN + K: Connecting wireless devices

Windows 10: сочетания клавиш, которые вы должны знать

Here to explain is nothing special – this combination came with Windows 10 and gives a direct access menu for connecting wireless displays (Miracast) and audio devices (Bluetooth).

WIN + I: System settings

Windows 10: сочетания клавиш, которые вы должны знать

In conclusion, another combination that is not new but must be mentioned because in Windows 10, the company changed its behavior. In Windows 8, key WIN + I to access the menu options specific to the open application. However, in the 10-ke, these keys open a new window system configuration.

WIN + G: Game pad

Specifically for gamers OS has been built a so-called dashboard, which allows you to record gameplay videos and take screenshots. The panel opens by pressing WIN + G when the game starts, but this function may not work inside apps, but not on the desktop or in Windows Explorer. The recorded clips will be available via the built-in Xbox app, and the place of their storage, by default, is folder Videos.

For features game panel there are separate shortcuts:

  • WIN + Alt + G – to record the last moment.
  • WIN + Alt + R to start or stop recording.
  • WIN + Alt + Print Screen to take a screenshot.
  • WIN + Alt + T – show or hide the timer.

Changes you should know about users who switched from Windows 8

Windows 10: сочетания клавиш, которые вы должны знать

Because Windows 10 is left without the so-called «charms», some keyboard shortcuts that were associated with this panel ceased to exist or changed their behavior. But there are those that remain in force:

  • WIN + H: a Combination of sharing content in Windows Store apps. Unchanged.
  • WIN + C: the Keys to open the «charms». Windows 10 used to activate a voice interaction with Cortana.
  • WIN + F: Search files. In Windows 10, the combination does not work, but look for files either by using the WIN + C or WIN + Q.
  • WIN + W: Search your system settings. No longer works, but instead, again, you can use WIN + C or WIN + Q.
  • WIN + Z: Open app bar. Still works in some apps, but universal apps are not supported.
  • WIN + K: Open the panel «Devices» in the Charms bar. Windows 10 is used to open the connections panel of the wireless devices. Other functions contained within this panel, you can invoke with Ctrl + P (print) and WIN + P (the projection).

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