Windows 10 Home Users can now turn off auto update apps

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10 Home users can now disable auto-update apps

Пользователи Windows 10 Home теперь могут отключить автоматическое обновление приложений

One of the most controversial points in the new operating system from Microsoft is associated with the limiting configuration of certain aspects of the system. Including the inability to disable automatic app updates in Store edition Home. Fortunately, sometimes the company listens to the user.

Yesterday Microsoft released three new updates for Windows 10, one of which as it turned out, namely, KB3081448, added the Windows Store feature that allows users Windows 10 Home to turn off automatic app updates (for users of Pro edition, the opportunity was initially.), but because now they can avoid installing updates that can potentially lead to application failures or unnecessary functions. In fact, now switch to «app Updates» is active and no longer accompanied by the word «contact your system administrator to change this setting».

The Shop, incidentally, was updated to version 2015.8.25.1 in which the category of «Download» was renamed to «Downloads and updates» and the Windows logo on the Store icon now has the same color chosen for the rest of the interface.

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