Windows 10 for smartphones: a former employee explained why Microsoft chose the menu «hamburger»

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 for smartphones: a former employee explained why Microsoft chose the menu «hamburger»

Menu integration «hamburger» in various built-in apps in Windows 10 for smartphones was quite controversial decision that led to the fact that application for Microsoft’s mobile platform has lost its identity and began to resemble those for iOS and Android.

The session AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, former Microsoft employee – who preferred to remain anonymous, but whose identity was confirmed by Reddit – explained the reasons that led to the decision to integrate the menu «hamburger» in apps for Windows 10.

He worked in Microsoft as lead designer for the new version of Office for Windows Phone and has stopped cooperation with the company a year ago. The ex-employee said that the waiver of a way to navigate by sliding between the various parts of applications (also known as panoramic interface), due to the fact that it was not viable because in some applications, the user has to do 4 or even 5 of these slides to get it in the right section.

Windows 10 для смартфонов: бывший сотрудник объяснил, почему Microsoft выбрала меню «гамбургер»

A former employee quoted and the results of the study Microsoft. It showed that users who use smartphone with one hand and therefore prefer that the controls were located in the lower part of the screen is much smaller than those who use their phone with both hands and therefore not experiencing any difficulties with the access menus located at the top left of the display.

In fact, the model of the Android application was recognized by Microsoft as the most suitable, although discussions about the role of the menu «hamburger» in Windows 10 could not be completed yet, because the design of the operating system continues. However, in addition to the updated applications from the Office this widget can now be found in applications such as «Maps», «Calculator» and «file Manager».

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