Windows 10 for PC and smartphones may soon be released a new build

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 for PC and smartphones soon to be released new build

Windows 10: для ПК и смартфонов вскоре могут быть выпущены новые сборки

Gabe Aul has shared regular information on the status of development of the new version of the Windows operating system, confirming the existence of a «promising» builds of Windows 10 for PCs and smartphones. According to him, in the near future a decision will be made about running these versions, but in the meantime the development team is working on fixing bugs in them.

Gabe did not specify whether the build released this week, but it is quite possible, given the fact that Microsoft prefers to begin deployment before the weekend, as it often happened in the past.

The last public build of Windows 10 Mobile is the version number 10136, while Windows 10 for computers is now available in version 10130, although there are more recent build, which, however, is not official.

@j1cordingley @AndreAramis254 We have candidates for both PC and phone builds that look promising. Reviewing issues and deciding soon.

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) 23 June 2015

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