Windows 10 does not threaten your privacy, Microsoft says

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 is not threatening your privacy, Microsoft says

Windows 10 не угрожает вашей приватности, утверждает Microsoft

The new release of Windows has done a lot of noise because of the Microsoft approach to user privacy. The company has officially answered questions about the functions of data collection in Windows 10.

In a new article on the official website of Windows Terry Myerson of Microsoft revealed details about how the company collects user data through new operating system.

According to him, Windows 10 collects certain information, which will help the company to make the product better. However, he adds that users have access to tools that give full control over the functions of privacy. In addition, all data collected Windows 10, each user is encrypted on Microsoft servers and stored in secure facilities.

The data that Microsoft collects, include an anonymous device ID, device type, and information about application failures that the company and its partners use to improve the software reliability. The company does not collect any user files or information that could identify a specific user (name, email address, account ID, etc.), writes Myerson.

He emphasizes that the collection of certain information really helps to make the product better. For example, a month ago there was a problem with the graphics driver that caused problems on computers running Windows 10. Thanks to the collected data, the fix was first released for the participants of the program Windows Insider, and then to everyone else. All in all, the company and the driver developer it took 48 hours.

Cortana is another concern of users, but in this case, the software giant reiterated that users controlled all the sharing preferences, which can be changed at any time.

Myerson also refers to a new web page where you can learn all about the privacy settings in Windows 10.

The company explains that regardless of your privacy settings, neither the operating system or other software do not scans the contents of e-mail or other messages or files to serve you targeted ads.

As for the new features of family security, which are another cause of discontent, and which, by default, send parents reports of your children’s computer use, Microsoft says in one of future updates, these options will be reviewed.

In General, Microsoft explained in some detail its approach to privacy, although this is unlikely to change the mood of users who are skeptical about the security of their data when using the new OS.

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