Windows 10 does? Ban!

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 is following? Ban!

Windows 10 следит? Запретите!

With Windows 10, Microsoft opened a new page in its corporate history, and one of the less visible, but significant side-effects from the release of the new OS were sharp changes in trade practices of the company. In other words, with Windows 10 Microsoft has taken a completely different approach to doing business and a direct consequence is liberalisation of the market model the distribution of the operating system. In other words, Windows 10 is completely free – well, with some limitations, but this is the first free Windows in history.

Of course, the opportunity to freely download and install the software, the development of which was invested millions of dollars, can not be associated with some additional conditions. You understand that in the long term, the company reasonably expects returns and the main method, which counts Microsoft, is the following: the collection and recording of user data. That is, since the installation of Windows 10 will see to your every touch and every visited website, will send to Microsoft the story of Cortana appeals to and searching via Bing. The whole purpose (according to the company) are further improvements of the operating system – information about how users use the operating system help the company in the future to make it more user-friendly, understandable and tailored to respond to individual preferences and interests.

And, of course, it’s all there, but for the noble motives is more the intention – the use of accumulated user data for commercial purposes: the sale of targeted advertising or the provision of these data to interested companies for a fee.

However, this is not a reason to panic. First, let’s be completely honest – the software giant is far behind in implementing such practices; all of its competitors (including Google) have long been watching their users and use the collected information to generate huge profits. Second, spend a little time, effort, and armed with the necessary information which will give you this article, you can limit tracking feature of Windows 10 to a minimum. Notice I say «limit» because some of them are associated with important components of the operating system and simply cannot be eliminated completely.

Say «No!»

If you were careful enough during the installation of Windows 10, then you probably have already chosen the types of data tracking which operating system will be allowed. Unfortunately, most users prefer not to delve into this process and choose the «Express» settings are default. The good news for them is that Microsoft have provided the ability to change these options at a later stage. To do this go to «Settings» (a new application that largely replaces the classic Control Panel). Open the «Privacy» and carefully consider each of 13 different categories. For example, you can tell the system to pinpoint your location and to block her access to the microphone and camera of your computer, your messages and notes in the calendar.

Windows 10 следит? Запретите!

The next logical step is to change the settings of Cortana. If you have selected the correct regional settings during installation, i.e. identified themselves as a resident of Russia, you can skip the next paragraph, as the voice assistant by default will not be active. At the moment it features predictive search and voice recognition is only available to people who speak English, German, Italian and several other Western and Asian languages.

However, if you do decide to try Cortana and set up the system so that it was active, then you better consider in detail all of its specific features to decide which ones to leave enabled and which are not. Cortana will track all your search queries. Officially this is because since the function will be able to educate themselves, to become more accurate in their responses and more accurately respond to your specific needs. In parallel with this, of course, all records of Cortana will be sent to the Microsoft servers, so if you don’t want that to happen, then you better turn off all its other possibilities.

The third step in limiting the tracking features in Windows 10 is very important. Probably for this reason, Microsoft didn’t just buried him deeply in system preferences and carried on a separate, independent website. Yes, you read that correctly – to get there and off there settings you have to open a special sub-section on in your Internet browser.

At this address you will find two important parameters related to the surveillance of Windows 10 for you: they determine whether you appear the so-called personal advertisement while browsing web pages or when using a Microsoft account. There you can get acquainted with the so-called «privacy Statement», which you put into practice agreed at the time of installation of Windows 10.

Windows 10 следит? Запретите!

Finally, if you are really paranoid and want at all costs to minimize the likelihood that your personal information or information about your online/offline activities will be hosted, then eliminate your Microsoft account to log in to the operating system, use the local profile. So you are going to toughen the restrictions on collecting and sending information to the Microsoft cloud, but at the same time, as in the case with other operating systems (like Android, for example), will limit the scope and possibility of some system functions.

And in closing, I want to make one very important clarification – the main purpose of this brief guide does not ignite custom paranoia – exactly the opposite. As I stressed in the beginning of the article, if you’re using Android or other products from Google, if have a page at Facebook, Twitter or other social network, you already somehow got into the tracking network big tech companies. In the end, it’s part of a mutually beneficial business model, in which we get many and complex products and services seemingly for free. In reality, however, we indirectly pay for them, providing companies the right to follow our personal preferences and use them to show us relevant advertising or reselling it to interested third parties.

Microsoft did not again «reinvent the wheel», but simply turned one of the most popular products, Windows, the Foundation for such a marketing model.

The purpose of this text is to give information to help you make an informed decision about whether to become a part of this model. After making your selection, you will either help Microsoft recover some of the money invested in the development of the operating system or not.

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