Windows 10: cortana will show notifications and reminders on the taskbar

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10: cortana will show notifications and reminders in the task bar

In the last video, which is dedicated to the upcoming Windows 10 launch, Joe Belfiore showed a new feature of Cortana for PCs and tablets. We are talking about the ability to view notifications and reminders in the taskbar, but rather in the same space where there is a field for entering search queries, commands, or questions for Cortana.

Windows 10: Кортана будет показывать уведомления и напоминания на панели задач

As you can see in the image above, or on the video at the end of the news (watch from 1:25 minutes) as soon as Cortana considers necessary or upon the occurrence of events in the task pane, you receive a text notification, which works like a Ticker, allowing you to see the notification completely by a simple mouse hover.

It’s not a revolutionary change, but it still deserves attention, because so far not been implemented in any of the preview builds of Windows 10.

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