Windows 10 Build 10240 – final version or not?

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 Build 10240 – final version or not?

Wednesday, July 15, all the so-called «insiders» have been sent a new version of Windows 10 (10240) via Windows update, regardless of whether they are part of the so-called «slow» (Slow) or fast (Fast) circle updates. That is, in the first case, users are offered only the most stable, although on the most recent versions of Windows 10, while in the second they can install all available updates immediately after they occur.

Version 10240 removed the lettering in the lower left corner of the desktop that indicates that a user is using a preview version of the operating system. The new build brought a number of changes, the most significant of which is a stable and fast version of the new Edge browser, which replaced the morally (not physically) the outdated Internet Explorer.

Even though Microsoft avoided the official use of the term RTM (release to manufacturing) for Windows 10 Build 10240, it seems that this is it – the final version of the long-awaited new operating system.

The reason for the reluctance of the company may be due to the fact that with Windows 10, Microsoft wants to put a new beginning way of distribution, development and perception of its key product. We have already talked about the concept of «Windows as a service» and what lies beyond it. Along with everything else it also involves the vision of a constantly evolving multi-platform environment for working and not operating system produced periodically in strictly separate versions with a new name and a sequence number.

Probably 10240 Assembly was in the position where it looks like RTM, works like RTM, but officially no one had called. In other words, probably we are talking about the version that users will begin to receive after the well known date 29.07.

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