Windows 10 build 10130 available in the Slow Ring

By | 09.12.2018

Windows 10 build 10130 available in the Slow Ring

Windows 10 build 10130 доступна в Slow Ring

Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 10 build 10130 «slow circle» update that is designed to deploy a more stable version. In the «quick circle» this build appeared on may 29, a few days ago, Microsoft officially released it in the format of the installation disk image.

In a posting on Blogging Windows Gabe Aul, which oversees the program Windows Insider, recalled the presence of several updates specifically for Assembly 10130, some of which will be installed automatically during installation of the Assembly.

For Fast Ring users and those who have installed this version using the previously released ISO, nothing will change, while Slow Ring users can download and install build 10130 from «Windows update». However, Microsoft warns that if during the upgrade process, you will receive error code 0x80246017, the only solution for you is installing using the ISO.

  • Changes in Windows 10 build 10130
  • Link to download the disk image (available in Russian versions x64 and x86)

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