Windows 10 build 10125 has been eliminated one of the main problems with Microsoft Edge

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10 build 10125 has been eliminated one of the essential issues of the Microsoft Edge

Some days we talked about the changes in Microsoft Edge, which comes with Windows 10 build 10122. Version 13.10122 browser has become not only faster, but also acquired a number of new features, including redesigned pages «New tab», the audible indicator and the InPrivate mode for those who want to browse the web anonymously.

This morning on the Internet was a new preview build of Windows 10 (10125), which among other things contains a new version of Edge (15.10125). With it, the browser got rid of a problem that has haunted him since his debut.

In the Assembly 10125 Edge now supports video playback in full screen. Previously, he could not, but Microsoft knew about this and already fixed the problem.

В Windows 10 build 10125 была устранена одна из существенных проблем Microsoft Edge

Neowin also reports that in this version of the browser was redesigned settings section. Now it consists of two pages, the first of which includes the most commonly used switches, while the second is called «Advanced settings» and provides access to all other parameters.

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