Windows 10 build 10031 screenshots

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10 build 10031 screenshots

Windows 10: скриншоты сборки 10031

Wzor has published screenshots of Windows 10 build 10031 and release notes, which allow you to look at some changes. First, the interface of the operating system continues to progress and to changes in the design. It can be seen, for example, in «start menu», which, as promised by the company, became translucent.

The release notes that are available in full at this address, indicate the implementation of appropriate measures to improve the efficiency of the touchscreen and gestures. Of course, were made and the usual bug fixes various problems with the current version 9926, which is the latest public release that is distributed among the participants of the program Windows Insider.

As already mentioned, the next public build will include, among other things, the new browser Spartan.

The screenshots below were made in the Assembly 10031, which were collected in this month:

Windows 10: скриншоты сборки 10031<

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