Windows 10 already has a 5.21% market share of operating systems

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10 already has a 5.21% market share of operating systems

Windows 10 уже занимает 5.21% рынка операционных систем

The effect of the free upgrade to Windows 10 is becoming more noticeable. A little over a month, the new operating system took more than 5% of the market, according to the latest data from Net Applications.

According to Microsoft, in just four weeks of Windows 10 was installed on more than 75 million computers. To achieve the 1 billion devices in the next two to three years is still far, but this figure includes not only computers, but smartphones, gaming consoles, and other devices.

Since the launch of Windows 10 on July 29, the share operating system jumped to 5.21% at the end of August, with the popularity of their predecessors the «ten» is gradually decreasing, which is logical. Windows 8 fell by 0.21 percentage point to 2.56%, while Windows 8.1 – 1.71 to 11.39%. Together they take up 13.95% of the market, losing 1.91% since the end of July. Together «the eights» has not managed to overcome the 20-percent threshold (the maximum was in may – 16.45%) and with Windows 10 they will never reach this figure.

Windows 7 remains the most popular OS, but after 10s it was marked by a fall in August, its market share decreased by 3.08 points to 57.67%.

However, despite the inevitable increase in installations of Windows 10, Windows 7 will support the leading position of most popular operating system for quite some time. Windows 7 overtook XP in September 2012 and increased its share even during 2015 (in January it was installed 55.92% of computers).

Meanwhile, the percentage using Windows Vista fell by 0.02 points to 1.82%. This means that in one month, Windows 10 was able to surpass Windows Vista and Windows 8 not only individually, but also their market share taken together.

Windows XP, however, doesn’t want to give up, even despite his advanced age – this system has somehow managed to increase its share by 0.40 points to 12.14%. Free upgrade to 10 does not apply to users of XP and Vista, so it is not surprising that here we see no sudden shift. Support for XP was discontinued in April 2014.

Windows 10 уже занимает 5.21% рынка операционных систем

Overall in August, Windows has shown little progress on 0.18% to 90.84%. Mac OS X and Linux, for its part ended the month with minor losses of 0.13% to 7.53% (OS X) and 0.05% to 1.63% (Linux).

It should be noted that the basis of their statistical reports Net Applications is pulling the data from 160 million unique visitors by tracking 40,000 web sites.

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