Windows 10 already 13% of all computers

By | 10.12.2018

Windows 10 is already at 13% of all computers

Windows 10 уже на 13% всех компьютеров

Microsoft’s desire to transplant all users on Windows 10, and in particular the steps the company is taking has caused a flurry of angry comments, especially among those of us who do not intend to upgrade your current version to the new operating system. However, «ten» continues to strengthen its position in the global market of desktop operating system, and a new report from analysts Net Market Share proof.

Relevant data show that Windows 10 is installed almost 13% of all computers on the market. The exact figure is 12.82% vs 11.85% in January. In turn, this also means that the growth of the new operating system slowed noticeably compared with the rate in the end of last year. However, some predecessors of Windows 10 is already behind us.

Windows 10 уже на 13% всех компьютеров

It is noteworthy that Windows XP is still installed on 11.24% of computers, although the company has long been discontinued for this version and no longer supports it. The share of Windows 8 and 8.1 is 2.43% and 9.83%, respectively.

The most popular desktop operating system in the world continues to be «seven», which has a comfortable advantage over competitors, as its market share is 52.34%.

As for the other OS, OS X 10.11 using 3.72% of computers, while OS X 10.10 is installed on 2.2% of the PC. All Linux distributions will generate a share of 1.78%.

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